How many times do you post per day on Facebook?

Some say that it’s best to post more often to yield more likes.  But social scientist Dan Zarrella may have data that says differently to attract and engage folks to your page.

Zarrella examined over 2,600 of the most liked Facebook pages and uncovered that the pages with fewer than one status update a day had more likes than those that posed up to three times a day. He then looked at the ones that posted less than once a day and found that every other day actually yielded more likes.

Two ways of using Facebook are at play. If you’re wanting to nurture and engage with the community, you should have a strategy and consider quality and your target audience versus quantity of posts. Do you really need three posts a day?  Post based on your demographic and relevancy.  Be sure to engage, too.

If you want to be more viral and jockey for “likes” there is the option of creating multiple updates per day. The benefit to this is that your status updates will appear in your customers news streams and if they comment or like then it can be seen by their networks. This will increase the chance of generating more likes for your page.  Ah, the power of social networking.

Every social media professional will have an opinion on which method works best.  I suggest that a healthy combination of both modalities is be the best method.  Your goal should be to both engage and nurture your customers as well as find ways to grow your community.

So, how many posts a day do you recommend for engaging a Facebook community?