You may not think of yourself as an artist. But just like an artist exhibiting paintings in a gallery, you probably take pride in your collective body of work.

Body Of Work

Take your website or blog…

You’d never spoil it with a sub-standard article or a fuzzy photo. You want to blow your visitors away, whatever page or post they happen to land on.

Odds are that you don’t think the same way about your social accounts. But it’s just as important to create a magnificent “body of social work”…

  • no rushed Facebook post
  • no poor Instagram image
  • no careless tweet.

Don’t posts suffer the “scroll to oblivion,” limiting their potential damage? Don’t your followers receive only your most recent post in their newsfeeds, never to visit your profile page?

Yes and no.

Posts don’t disappear for the visitor who considers following you and checks out your profile!

You’ve read tons of advice on getting your profile right (great photos, perfectly crafted bio). And yes, a bad profile can lose potential followers. But a good one does not clinch the deal.

That job goes to your body of work!

That’s why you’ll often see striking patterns on Instagram profile pages, such as this lovely one…

Trafeze Instagram Example

Good first impression, right? Note, too, how the muted color pallette in each of the images helps to unify the body of work. This account is thinking ahead, to the effect on potential followers. Can you guess who their fans are just by looking at this profile image?

While Twitter, Facebook and others don’t have “pretty color palettes”, do study how your entire page lays out, on both mobile and desktop browsers. Consider, too, your choice of pinned posts and tweets.

If you’re always aware of creating a “body of work” whenever you post, they’ll never feel like random thoughts. They’ll all be part of a coordinated whole. That applies to your original work and to your choice of retweets, regrams, etc.

And that is not only reinforced in your follower’s minds from day to day. It will be striking whenever someone reads several in a row on your profile page… and then follows you!

Bottom Line Takeaway?

A great post grabs someone’s attention. It’s the ante that gets you into the game.

Your profile (cover, pic, bio) increases their interest. Creating an attractive profile is a one-time “set and forget,” with an occasional tweak.

Your collected body of work is your real “closer” — it gets the follow!

Continuous attention to the “collective form and substance” of your posts is what ultimately determines the rate of growth of your social accounts!

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