How to Outsource Social Media That Will Help You Have More Time

Sure, you’re ambitious. And your startup just got funded. And you believe that you can sleep when you’re dead. But do you really want to learn all the intricacies of social media in addition to learning about your own business? What if you could outsource your social media? Well, you can!

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Why Outsource?

Because the person or agency you hire has been steeped in social media for years, and can think of ways to brand your business in ways you probably haven’t considered. Do you have the expertise it takes? Do you have the extra time? If you’re a business owner, you’re probably too busy running your business!

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Find Someone You Trust

Look at a few consultants and check for testimonials on their website. If they’ve been around awhile, they probably have a tab or spot for testimonials. Make sure they don’t all have the same last name as the person you’re checking out, either. Ok, I’m joking. But make sure the testimonials look legit.

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Consider An Audit

An audit won’t usually put you out as much as hiring someone full time, and you can see if you like what the auditor has to say. If you already have a start on some social platforms, you could use an audit to see what you’re doing right. Do you like what you see on your audit? Then maybe take the next step. Although you can conduct a social media audit yourself, you could have a social media consultant such as myself do one for you.

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Think About a Light Touch

Don’t have the funding yet for a full-blown effort? How about “squatting” (that is, reserving the names on your social platforms) in some places and doing the minimum to keep your name out there. A social media consultant can do an audit and get you started, create profiles where you need them, and clean up your profiles so that when you’re ready to go, you can jump in with both feet.

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Get Social Media Strategy

Paying for strategy is a good way to go if you’re someone who likes to mull over your direction for a bit. Most CEOs and startups like this option, since it’s decisive, and gives you a chance to work together and get to know one another. If you don’t know where to start, you could answer these questions for your own brand or startup: 100 Best Questions that Will Guide Your Social Media Resolutions.