In today’s social media-filled world, it seems as if half a marketer’s job is keeping up with the current industry trends. What is acceptable and necessary for social media marketing strategy seems to change every few months or so. However, as time-consuming as it may be, it is necessary to stay on top of trends to be effective in today’s marketing world.

With organizing and managing your company’s social media outlets taking up so much time, there’s little time left over to actually market your company effectively. You may end the day feeling defeated after trying to implement the latest cross-channel marketing strategy on all of your social media outlets. The best way to manage your strategies is to use a program that allows you to control and unify all of your data quickly. When you collate your strategies and data into one spot, managing your social conversations becomes much easier and you’re able to do your job more effectively.

Effective organization

Rather than manage each outlet — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and your company blog — individually, you can pool your data, which allows you to analyze all your data at once to see what’s working and what isn’t. When you know the parts of your strategy that are effective, you can find the parts that need to be improved and the ones doing their jobs. Think of it as a working machine: some parts need to be serviced from time to time, and knowing which parts need service allows you to fix them and get everything back up and running. More importantly, when you have your social media outlets organized, you can engage in the social media conversation, which is the goal of your strategies.

Effective conversation

What’s the key to effective conversation for any brand? Being genuine in your interactions. Social media users are not looking for brands to shove advertisements down their throats every time they log in. Instead, they’re looking for honest conversations with fellow humans. If tweets at your company or mentions you, respond honestly, in a timely fashion. One purpose of social media is to connect with people on a real level. This is your chance to show that your company is not just a product or service, but rather it’s genuine, real people that are willing to go the extra mile for a customer.

Effective conversion

Besides having genuine conversations with your followers, social media can help convert those followers into customers. Pushing passive social media followers to more interactive roles means that your social media strategies are working and you, as a marketer, are effective.

With proper organization and management, effective conversations and conversion will, without a doubt, become more intricate. When you play the game of social media strategy, you want all the tools and pieces that can aid you in the process. One of the most important things you can do is gauge interaction and see which strategies and tactics have the best return for your company. Having the right tools will allow you turn the consumers who follow your brand into actual customers. And that, after all, is the goal.