Of the current estimated 7 billion people on the planet, 6 billion have a cell phone. And one in every four people around the world are on social media. For telecommunication companies, the potential for business is limitless – especially when they already know where their customers are. Such is the case for global social telecommunications business, Orange.

Based in Paris, France, Orange telecommunication company is present in 32 countries around the globe and serves 230 million multilingual customers with its 170K employees. The Orange brand aims to bring the digital universe to the largest number of people possible with their phone, internet and tablet services as well as corporate business solutions.

Orange’s millions of mobile customers turn to social media to connect with brand ambassadors, discover product updates and deals and receive world-class, multilingual customer service and tech support. In order to support constant customer service requests and connect 1:1 with customers, Orange integrated HootSuite Enterprise social customer service and social media management solutions.

Managing a Global Social Telecommunications Company

Using HootSuite Social Media Management Solutions, Orange is able to roll out their social strategy across one powerful social relationship platform to new employees, ambassadors and offices around the world in multiple languages. By empowering and educating employees with the same messaging, the brand and user experience is similar from one country and territory to the next. Nothing is lost in translation.

“Whatever the country, whatever the social network, the brand Orange and the way to identify with it is the same. This helps us be global and local at the same time” – David Anglister, Corporate & Digital Communications Director, Orange.

“Since Orange was active on social networks on our various territories, we have been challenged from inside our company. It forced us to evolve and change how we work. In the past, services and departments were working separately on their field, like marketing, customer service, communication, human resources. Now, these departments work together” – Lionel Fumando, Social Media Manager, Orange FT Groupe.

How Social Telecommunications Businesses Serve Customers

Orange employees and ambassadors are able to streamline their efforts, increase response rates on inquiries and perfect their messaging for optimal performance with HootSuite Social Customer Service Solutions. Improving customer service by monitoring feedback and comments on social media and allowing brand advocates to respond with their personal accounts, strengthens customer relationships with the brand.

“Social networks help us grow because they bring something really new – it is almost a one-to-one interaction with our customers. We can follow them better, accompany them better, and so meet their expectations better” – David Anglister, Corporate & Digital Communications Director, Orange.

Social media impacts all areas of your business. Ensure it’s for the better.

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