Today is a historic day in the world of men’s fashion; one that will free them from the clutches of formal wear. Only Vimal, the textile division of Reliance Industries has called for a nationwide boycott of ties, as a mark of rebellion against boring ties and formals on ‘No Tie Day’ today.

The specially instituted day by the textile brand will also be accompanied by a symbolic tie-burning event at various malls across 9 cities in the country. In case you are a hater of ties but have an office dressing code to adhere to, you can secretly celebrate your freedom by attending a tie-burning party in your city today. Yes, its a party complete with scintillating fire-eaters, music, dance, games and prizes in store!

The brand has also created an official No Tie Day anthem, featuring a flash mob style of young office goers dancing away to their newly-found freedom in a mall. Uploaded a week ago, the video has garnered more than 41K views.

I saw a YouTube banner ad a few days ago where an office going man in a tie is agitated and sweating profusely with the tie around his neck. Taking a pair of scissors with him along with many alarmed co-workers looking on, this highly agitated man snips off his tie, thus freeing himself from ties, while a voiceover announces about the ‘No Tie Day’. And this caught my attention.

Apart from YouTube Ads, the brand has initiated quite a few exciting activities on social media to help spread the word.

No Tie Day on social

A central ‘Vimal Unformal’ website features all the action of ‘No Tie Day’ from the social media platforms of Only Vimal. A live feed from the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages is updated here, along with the video ads created for the campaign in the Gallery section. A party locator shows a Google map to find the malls showcasing the event. You can also download the ‘No Tie Day’ anthem, ringtone and wallpapers from the ‘Download’ section. The witty wallpapers are brilliant, I must say!

You can also take a pledge to never wear ties again; additionally as can be seen in image below, that tie can be burnt by clicking on the lighter beside!


Only Vimal’s Facebook page has been gearing up its 15K fans a week in advance. The wall began by sharing about the day and its significance, followed by the promotional ads, the anthem, all encouraging fans to take the pledge and attend the tie-burning party. With all this, a contest with incentives had to be there too.

The page admin announced ‘The Obituary contest’ asking fans to share their wicked, funny obituaries to celebrate the death of ties and boring formals, with the lure of Vimal gift vouchers. Hosted on a Facebook app, you can participate in the contest only after liking the page. There is an option to create a new obituary or get inspired by examples.

‘Create new’ gives you an option of selecting from 5 layouts and 8 ties. Write your message and click ‘done’. the app then gives you the option to share the obituary on your wall.


In addition, the wall also featured video trivia that had questions based on the ads, with gift vouchers to be won, despite Facebook guidelines that contests cannot be run on the wall.

All updates are being made simultaneously on Twitter with the newly created Only Vimal Twitter page.

How cool is it?

When I saw the ads, I thought to myself, amusedly – what a gimmick to launch your informal wear, but then I gave it a second thought. Given the shortening attention spans and the increasing information overload in today’s times, Only Vimal did manage to grab my attention with its ‘No Tie Day’ campaign. Or else the launch would have gone unnoticed!

The flash mob style anthem with the catchy dance number is sure to appeal to youngsters, and coupled with the obituary contest and the website, the campaign seems to have it all covered on social media. The one thing that deserves a mention is the visual design, be it for the website or the updates for Facebook and Twitter, the design is clean and fun.

Hope you are celebrating No Tie Day today, as for us we celebrate it every day! Do let us know your thoughts on Only Vimal’s No Tie Day campaign, and if you happen to attend any of the tie-burning parties, please tell us all about it.