Last year, Old Spice India had introduced Milind Soman as the face of the brand who went on to create and define the new ‘Mantastic’ smell for a man to be able to smell like a man. Ever since then, the super sexy supermodel has been calling on all women to get their men to smell as ‘mantastic’ as him through a series of ads. Beginning this month, the deodorant brand had launched ‘#WhatsInTheTub’, an ad campaign to reiterate the magic of smelling mantastic.

Conceptualized by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, the same one that created the global campaign for Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, placing it among viral ads in 2010, the new 37-second ad focuses on Milind Soman giving a long speech to women while lying naked in a tub.

Except that he isn’t really naked since he’s wearing the Mantastic smell. Here’s the transcript:

Hello Ladies…If your man thinks you are looking at a naked man, he must think again, because I am not naked. I’m only wearing the Mantastic smell that comes from the unique combination of glycerine, polyethylene, and other molecular awesomeness mixed with waters that are home to sweet, photogenic, aquatic species, transported on a private, supersonic jet, 30,000 feet above mean sea level ,to be put into this – the Mantasic bottle of all new Old Spice deodorant.

Now even your man can smell like me. I’m in a tub.

#WhatsInTheTub on social

Old Spice sought to create social media buzz prior to its launch by inviting the community to guess ‘#WhatsInTheTub’. The social media campaign handled by ad agency IBS India, embarked on a creative route to establish the personality of the tub.

The tub featured in movie posters, to become a part of pop culture. The Old Spice Facebook and Twitter pages shared these ‘mantastic’ movie posters, replacing the main lead with the tub.

A vine video was created to further emphasize the personality of the tub and describe what it stands for.

Finally. the ad film was launched answering the big question of “What’s in the tub?’ The video has received over 1.1 million views since being uploaded a month ago. With the tub’s content being revealed, Old Spice is now sharing quirky movie visuals of the tub with Milind.

The ‘Mantastic Man’ also created conversations with users on Twitter.

What’s in the campaign?

The new ‘mantastic’ campaign had been applauded and loathed in equal measure, ever since Milind Soman’s debut as the ‘Mantastic Man’. With #WhatsInTheTub, the ad campaign has tried to become a part of conversations. Getting users to guess about the contents of the tub before revealing the new ad is a good way to generate curiosity. The use of movie posters is an interesting addition to the quirky communication, especially with that spoof visual on Dabangg.

What’s noteworthy is the conversation with consumers on social media, with the use of quirky visuals and the mantastic tone of communication. The brand needs to continue to do this to connect with its target consumer though.

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