Just over a month ago, there was a minor outcry from a small but very vocal group of disgruntled would-be customers of Ocado.

The Waitrose delivery company were promoting an offer through Crowdity, the group-buying website (similar to Groupon etc), where first-time customers could claim £40 of shopping for just £20.

However, a few days after the deal had launched, Crowdity users received an email apologising on behalf of Ocado that the offer would have to be suspended due to an overwhelming volume of take up.

The blog post we published about the topic received over 20 comments and a record number of pageviews.

Now, to compound the damage done to Ocado through their lack of understanding the very principle of group-buying, Tesco have swooped in on the deal. Displaying impressive agility and social media nous, they have also done Crowdity a lot of favours too:

Click for full image.

So well done to Tesco for being so sharp and opportunist and as for Ocado, there is a lot to learn…