Numbers are important, because they give us an idea of how successful something is.

Even small numbers can mean a big success. While two might seem a relatively little number in the grand scheme of things, you probably won’t complain too much if your sales team doubles your profits for you.

Big numbers are easier. Ten million products sold is a big success in any language.

In social media, though, the waters are a little less clear. 100,000 Twitter followers might mean something substantial, or it might mean gaming the system. 30,000 blog subscribers doesn’t necessarily mean 30,000 active RSS readers.

But a lot of social media experts will tell you numbers are key to succeed in social media – the more your social reach, the more your clout.

To business owners, though, there’s only one real number that’s important – the bottom line.

So, Social Media Expert X, how are your numbers going to increase my bottom line? The clock starts… NOW.

Numbers originally appeared on Danny Brown on February 7, 2011.