Bacardi’s NH7 Weekender has been there for quite sometime now which features popular artists performing at different locations across India. This weekend, the yearly event took place at Pune from 18th to 20th October and was quite a success if social media buzz is to be believed. NH7 is one of the go-to platforms when promoting Indian Independent music is concerned. The event was very much anticipated before and NH7 has created a specific Facebook page pertaining to the event which takes place in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata around year end every-time.


The hashtag #NH7Weekender was on my Twitter timeline in no time from Friday and is promoted by their official Twitter Handle @NH7. The storifed version of the Twitter conversations have been highlighted below:

[View the story “#NH7Weekender Pune 2013” on Storify]

Brands such as Red Bull and MTS are also cashing in on the Weekend Music Festival with MTS sponsoring ‘MTS – The Other Stage’ giving young artists a chance to feature in the Pune festival.


NH7 weekender being a youth oriented concept based around music and entertainment, Instagram comes naturally to the forefront. Many people flaunt their presence to the festival by clicking pictures (‘instagramming‘ them) and sharing it with their friends on social networks. NH7 has made sure they reach out to these target audience by having an instagram account sharing the behind the scenes and concert oriented pictures.


Being a music festival, the show is blowing great strides in the Indian Independent Music scene. And with the Indian Youth being on social media every-day, the social route becomes a natural extension to any entertainment industry niche. Overall, NH7 weekender is proving to be a great event offline (as heard through my friends) and has carried that persona on the digital medium as well.

Looking forward to catch one soon live!!

Have you been to the NH7 Weekender? Share your thoughts as to how your experience was to the music event.