man tracks NFL highlights on Twitter's AmplifyIt’s a win-win match that no one can deny – TV and Twitter. From TV shows like The Voice and Madmen, to live events such as the Olympics, social network users have been sharing their sentiment 140 characters at a time and have found the natural integration of watching TV and live tweeting to express sentiment, share opinions, and provide witty commentary to the masses. This is the second screen phenomenon – our need to constantly be connected and interacting, especially when we have a basis for dialogue.

Now as the NFL pushes toward a more digitized and engaged audience that wants more than just to watch, the NFL is striving to keep pace with their younger, more technically advanced audience by using Vine campaigns and now, using Twitter’s Amplify platform, incorporating sponsored tweets featuring NFL video highlights for users to view. It’s the convergence of sports and social networks at its finest.

How does it work?

As stated in an article from Reuters, “Under the new agreement, the NFL will package in-game highlights and other video content – as well as a short ad from a marketer – inside tweets that are ‘sponsored’ and distributed by the marketer during games. The NFL and Twitter will both receive a cut of the proceeds, although neither side would reveal terms of the deal.”

What does it mean to you?

This Sunday, keep an eye on your Twitter feed where you may see these creative highlights and instant playbacks from teams all over the NFL. Maybe Peyton Manning will continue racking up those points through some remarkable plays, and his brother, Eli, could miraculously gain a win to pull the Giants out of their 0–4 losing streak. Either way, if you’re tweeting about football or any of the teams, expect to see these sponsored tweets and if you’re interested, go ahead and tap or click to see what they’re all about.

Why is this happening?

Although this is a pretty “natural” partnership based on viewer watching and Twitter habits, we must keep in mind that Twitter is preparing for a highly anticipated IPO, similar to when Facebook became public last May. Twitter is hoping that the ad campaign options will easily demonstrate that using this medium, advertisers can reach an engaged and interested audience of over 200 million regular users. Twitter hopes this will up the ante as the offering is expected to value Twitter at up to $15 billion. According to advertising consultancy eMarketer, the company is estimated to bring in $580 million in advertising revenue this year, and close to $1 billion next year.

Do you think these users will like the video highlights? Or do you think this is just another effort that users will avoid since they know it’s an advertising campaign? Let us know what you think!