4 New Tools to Create Winning Social Media Posts


Today I have some great resources that will bring more to your social media marketing this year. Here’s four links with tips and tricks.

In order to stay current and focus on your audience it’s important to use the latest tools that appeal to both desktop and mobile users. As technology takes us into a new era in marketing it will become more challenging to promote growth. Take advantage of these resources and improve your marketing strategy. Are you ready to infuse more life into your social networks? Let me know how these work for you!

1) Tweet your screenshots – OneShot

Go beyond the 140 character limit and share text or image screenshots. OneShot is a free tool for iOS, which allows users to capture a section of an article, crop an image, and add your comment. If you’ve been frustrated by not having enough character space on Twitter then you will love this tool.


2) Color scheme design – Paletton

Having the right colors on your content and social media branding is important. Paletton makes the process simple by automatically correcting your colors to match a theme. Use this tool to choose the right palette for your business so that your images are eye-catching and consistent. This can be compared to your existing website with hex numbers available.


3) Simplify Facebook Messenger – Goofy

Communicate more effectively with your followers. Goofy manages Facebook Messenger right from your Macintosh computer. The app is fully featured, and includes notifications, group chats, quick reply, and more. This easy tool is completely free, and provides a simple web view of your activity without having to open your mobile phone or tablet.


4) Move your audience with text images – Legend

Turn your quotes and sayings into eye-catching visuals for your posts. Legend is an easy app that allows you to animate what your are typing to share on social media. Choose from a color, style, and filter and even create a video that can be posted to places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Hopefully you will find these social media marketing tools useful to your strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?