Stuck at home and awe-struck by the worst storm Boston has seen in decades, we here at Crimson Hexagon wondered how many others were using social media to communicate about #Nemo. During the storm, people turned to Twitter and Facebook to share pictures of the accumulating snow, reach out to friends, and to learn the latest news from local authorities on the cleanup efforts.

In the four-day period around the storm, from February 6 – 9, we captured 4.3 million posts about the winter storm on Twitter and Facebook. Over the same time period and using the same content sources, we record about 820,000 posts about “Nemo,” the name given to the storm by The Weather Company.

Blizzard Volume Trend – Looks like a snow bank to us!
Social Media Blizzard Volume Trend

Crimson Hexagon contributed social media analysis of conversation about the blizzard using the name “Nemo” and engagement with The Weather Channel to Digiday’s article, “Why The Weather Company Branded a Storm.” Although most of the people tweeting and posting about “Nemo” did not tie the name back to The Weather Channel, they count it as a social campaign victory for The Weather Company.

Using Crimson Hexagons’ ForSight social media analysis platform, we see that the density of posts per capita in the Northeast of the United States reflects the area affected by the storm.

Social Media Nemo Map

As the snow was still falling, we posted a topic wheel and word cloud representing conversation about Nemo on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (@crimsonhexagon).

Social Media Topic Wheel

Social Media Nemo Words

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