Today is #NationalSomethingDay.  It can spice up your social media marketing.  Are you posting or tweeting about it?  It seems that every day when I go on Twitter, it is #NationalSomethingDay.  In fact, often its more than one thing on any given day.  Yesterday it was #NationalLipstickDay, #NationalCheesecakeDay and #NationalChicekenWingsDay. Coming up on Sunday, August 2nd 2015 is #NationalFriendshipDay.  Seems we cannot go one day of the year without celebrating something and I’m okay with that. When it was #NationalHotdogday I excitedly text my partner so that he could go grab his $1 Chili Cheese Dog at Sonic. After all, junk food isn’t unhealthy if its a national celebration day, right?

I bring this up because one of the things I hear so often from my clients is that they simply don’t know what to post on their social media sites or they always post about their particular business.  For example, if you are a retail store you are always posting about your own specials, discounts, etc.  If you’re an attorney, everything is about legal issues and can get pretty dry.  If you’re a chiropractor its about the body and health.  Great info but most of us zone out when we see the same type of posts on a businesses page.  It’s hard enough to get your posts seen on Facebook these days.  These celebratory days should be a part of your social media marketing.

When you recognize a #NationalSomethingDay and add it to your social media posts you are bringing in a lighter, more fun element. You are mixing it up and that is okay.  Would the chiropractor or nutritionist post about #NationalHotdogDay?  Maybe not but certainly everyone can find something to say about #NationalFriendshipDay.  The All American #NationalIcecreamDay provided a host of local and national ice cream establishments that were giving away a favorite summertime dessert to celebrate the day. That would be something fun to inform your followers.

On Twitter, these #NationalSomethingDay trending conversations give you a way to enter the conversation.  Don’t sell, just tweet something like your favorite ice cream flavor and ask what other people’s favorite is.  On Facebook, talk about an experience related to whatever the #NationalSomethingDay is commemorating. Remember, you may be posting as your business but everyone knows there’s people behind the business – make it personal sometimes.  People want to KNOW whom they are doing business with.  People want to LAUGH and feel an affinity with those organizations they patronize.

Pinterest and Instagram offer an explosion of pictures and you can use these #NationalSomethingDay to reach out on those very visual platforms.  Not every business will be on these platforms but for those using them, have some fun.

The only platform I would recommend not engaging in #NationalSomethingDay would be LinkedIn. Too many people are using LinkedIn as they would Facebook and frankly, it is diluting the professionalism of LinkedIn and the meaningfulness of what is posted there. Unless its #NationalBossesDay or #NationalAssistantsDay, keep it off your LinkedIn profile.

Twitter is a great place to find out these #NationalSomethingDays and then I will Google them to see what articles come up to Tweet, Post or simply get some additional info.  In researching for this article, I also discovered the National Calendar Day website. Now that’s a gold mine of information for us all to get our share of food, fun and friendship days.  Use these celebratory days to spice up and change up your social media marketing.

Happy #NationalSomethingDay celebrating!

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