Whospace? I know, it’s been a minute, but Myspace IS trying to keep up with the competition. Most recently they’ve launched a new homepage designed to rebrand itself as a true, blue music site. The new design allows users to see and listen to and “enjoy the LARGEST library of FREE music” on the Internet, my inbox informs me.

I am having a wee bit of deja vu of my high school days…yes, dating msyelf…as the homepage looks pretty similar to prior versions. New features include the bility to create playlists, listen to the same music as your friends and check out your friends’ activities. Myspace points out that unique licensing agreements are what allows the site to continue offering a variety of free music. The site attracted 33.1 million unique viewers in August, just a fewww less than Facebook. The company is making management strides with new ownership by Specific Media LLC and Justin Timberlake as a prominent stakeholder. The updates will be unveiled during Madison Avenue‘s “Advertising Week” next month in New York.