Tango-dancers I absolutely loved the creative gifts that Jamie Ridler brought to the Creativity Party for Business Bloggers; from her invitation to dance and movement, to her free writing exercise, to her free spirit! Have you checked out Jamie’s website or her lively Facebook page?

Inspired by Jamie’s movement activity, I wanted to share these additional metaphors and tools to help you dance with your blog and move creatively through the blogging process:

  • Get into a groove – An editorial calendar can keep you pumped up and excited about filling in the blanks all month long – it’s like the steady beat that keeps you moving.
  • Be moved – Be spontaneous and ready for new inspirations and connective content you couldn’t have planned for.
  • Share the lead – Sometimes you will take the lead, sharing concepts, tips and strategies with your readers; other times, let them take the lead and listen to their questions and comments. Watch for the blog posts, social media updates and questions THEY might be posting about the problems you help to solve.

Writing prompt: Search Twitter (here are some Twitter search tips from Hubpost, and here’s an alternate Twitter search engine recommended by the NY Times) for the latest conversations about one of the topics you blog about. What are people saying? More importantly, what are they asking? Use these tweets as a springboard to your next blog post.

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