You might think “Why? How could that be possible? Aren’t they too busy taking care of the house, the kids, and the whole family” but yes, our mothers (mommies) are active in social media too. In fact they have a big influence when it comes to social media and marketing.

According to Jen Williams in her “Mommies and Their Social Media Influence:”:

The 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study found that moms are a huge portion of the most active consumers in the United States. Moms purchasing power impacts about 80% of a household’s buying decisions, with over 61% of those surveyed engaging in social media. Studies have shown that the average mom spends about an hour a day networking and interacting on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and other more targeted, specialized forums where they share resources, tidbits of information and any good deals they have found. That’s certainly good news for online retailers!

The mommies are a huge influence on retail and social media. Online retailers realize that moms represent a robust population and an influential segment of mass buying power. These retailers are also creating marketing campaigns that appeal to moms with children from birth through all levels and ages of school children. There is no doubt that the growth of this specialized demographic has made quite a significant impact on retail, and has social media outlets to thank for it.

According to a recently released study, 79% of United States moms were highly active in social media. This number represented moms with children under the age of 18. The study was entitled, “Social Media Moms: How Networking Impacts Purchasing Behaviors,” and showed how buying behavior and patterns affected online retail sales.

This just proves that no matter how busy they are, no matter how dedicated they are, mommies can still be socially active without so much effort and without compromising their duties and responsibilities inside the house with the help of social media and networks. It gives them the opportunity to connect to the world and be up to date with current events.

“Being a mother is the greatest profession a woman can achieve” my mother once told me, but I say being a mother doesn’t need to be stressful, it doesn’t have to take you away from the life you knew and away from the social sphere of the world.