slideshare logo“I don’t know anything about SlideShare!  It sounds neat and simple.”

That was the number one response I received after a presentation on how companies can stay more social in today’s changing online space. This came as quite a surprise considering the usual hype surrounding the other outlets I spoke about – Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and Facebook.

Audience – great catch! SlideShare really is neat and simple.

In today’s environment where a new social outlet is launched every week, it is easy to lose sight of the value behind the early players. Launched in 2006, SlideShare is one of the easiest ways to market your company’s services or products.

Is your company presenting to prospective customers at private events or conferences? If so, upload the presentation to SlideShare to make the same content available to a larger audience. Similar to YouTube, after a PowerPoint presentation is uploaded on SlideShare, you will receive a hyperlink to use and share however you choose. You can email this hyperlink to a prospective customer instead of having the PowerPoint jam up your outbox due to size limitations. Beyond sharing with prospective customers that you’re already aware of, with SlideShare you can share your marketing content with a limitless audience online.

Here’s an example of how my company utilizes SlideShare content to enhance search engine optimization results and sell business.

  • ParenteBeard [ED. NOTE: ParenteBeard is a Scribewise client] partner presents, “Tips for Refining Your Audit Process,” to healthcare finance professionals at an industry conference.
  • Marketing representative uploads the presentation to SlideShare.
  • These tags are added when uploading on SlideShare: healthcare, hospitals, finance, audit, accounting and financial statements.
  • Fast forward two days. Chief financial officer (CFO) of a national hospital Googles “healthcare finance” in their search for a new accountant / auditor.
  • ParenteBeard’s SlideShare presentation comes up in the Google search results. (SlideShare is among the top 120 most visited websites in the world.)
  • After seeing the presentation, the CFO’s interest is piqued.
  • He or she visits the firm’s website.
  • Next they contact the firm’s healthcare lead partner. This discussion leads to a sale. Win!

SlideShare almost sounds too good to be true. Here’s why. It’s a free service. Easy to use. PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument are all supported file types. SlideShare presentations can be viewed on the site, iPads or handheld devices.

If you’re not already capitalizing on SlideShare as a way to drive your content to those shopping for your service or product, wait no longer. You’ve spent countless hours on presentations, let SlideShare step in and expand your reach.

If this post leaves you with a few questions, SlideShare offers plenty of step-by-step slides on how to use their site.