Are you looking for an alternative to Klout to measure social influence?

I know I have been.

Yes, Klout is the cool tool and it promotes engaging among people and I am sure if you are like me you have received a +K from someone and have also given out a few to some of your best friends.

Yes, Klout allows you to compare yourself with your peers

Yes, I believe Klout is getting better since its inception

Still..I think there is a tool that is better.

Social Mention – Measure Influence in a more powerful way.

Social Mention is an advanced search tool! I measure influence where it should be with respect to search. What is the power of your brand?

Try typing in your name, Twitter id, Company Name

See what people are saying about you in the last 24 hours, over time,

Search keyword terms – Is there a particular term you would like to be associated with?

Check and see where you stand with respect to these terms.

Find a particular niche keyword term.

Search Blogs, Videos – See where your competitors are.

What social media platforms are popular for these terms.

Hint -for more than one keyword, place it in double quotes

Free Tool – Really free

You do not have to give your id away.

The tool is made for you to use the information that is pertinent to you.

You are in control.

Social Mention Relevance

I really like the % indicators in the upper left-hand corner.

These %’s should be taken with a grain of salt and not literally.

I do like the passion %. This is my focus – I want advocates for my brand.

Google+ relationship

Social Mention is a good indicator as to how you use Google+ and how it can help create better influence for your brand and reputation.

All marketers need to see how Google and Google+ are creating a different type of social


Everyone needs to find a way to gauge social influence. I prefer a way that ties-in search results like Social Mention. I really like the power of seeing a variety of information summarized on one page. Social Mention has helped me see first-hand how powerful engagement can be. Sometimes, I don’t think about it as often as I should.

Again, it is another tool and I am not saying Klout is a bad tool. I just think Social Mention serves my needs better with respect to analyzing influence and presenting information in way that meets my needs as a Marketing Director.

photo credit: gagilas via photo pin cc