What doesn’t last long? A cheeky question the youth seem to be taking quite sportingly. Don’t believe me, just troll the Twitter hashtag #doesntlastlongenough and you would get enough answers to the question, especially from females. The entire initiative to be cheeky and ask females on social media was created to solve a common problem being faced regularly by them.

Maybelline New York, the world’s number 1 makeup brand found out, following a consumer research that the lipstick females apply last only 4-6 hours. To resolve this problem, Maybelline went ahead to create a product that could last long and really long enough. Meanwhile FoxyMoron, the digital agency who had been working with the brand for quite some time, started formulating strategies to create the right amount of buzz for the target customers.

#doesntlastlongenough campaign

The team launched the #doesntlastlongenough on Twitter where women were asked “what doesn’t last long” as a teaser. The idea worked and tweets started flowing where tweeps shared either a vacation, a weekend or sex as things that don’t last long enough.

maybelline new york india

“The objective was to generate 1400 tweets and we had a software that would pulls tweets after filtering and create a visualization that would form a lipstick that would last for 14 hours. A brand new product from Maybelline that would answer all worries of females”, shared Harshil Karia, Co-Founder of FoxyMoron.

maybelline new york india facebookThe visualization was pulled offline at Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel Mumbai. The Maybelline New York Skyline was designed to show the offline crowd the tweets coming in. And each tweet would form a layer of a new lipstick that the brand was about to launch with women centric tweets.

“We trended for 14 hours at the top and more than 4000 tweets (approx) were generated. The Twitter campaign not only created buzz but we have received loads of queries from fans asking what is Maybelline going to launch” shared Harshil on how effective was the campaign.

Finally, the wait was over and on 8th February the brand launched its brand new product on social media that lasted for 14 hours and with a promise that won’t let you down.

Harshil also informed me that in a week or half, the print and outdoor promotions would also be launched to make it a 360 degree marketing promotion.

Maybelline and social media campaigns

Maybelline has been quite aggressive since the last year on social media. Speaking to Harshil, I was informed that this is not the first time they have done such product launches. He added further that the same amount of buzz was created when the brand had launched its Colossal Kajal and BB Cream.

“With both the campaigns our idea was to make the people talk. During the BB Cream pre lauch we literally had the war of sexes on social media. For the Colossal Kajal launch we created the buzz by projecting women as bold, black and I am here to stay. So to sum it up Maybelline is a brand with more attitude.”

Going further the agency now wants to track all the mentions and the queries that were generated during the #doesntlastlongenough and individually get back to them with more information about the product since they are purchase intent.

Product launches on social media are no more unique but brands are becoming creative with every passing day. Maybelline has been one such brand. With more than a 1.7M fan base, it has been creatively pushing product launch campaigns on social media. In addition to this the brand has very smartly integrated both its networks i.e. Twitter and Facebook for most of its campaigns.

Definitely the brand is one of the coolest social brands and their campaigns have been doing extensively well but isn’t it riding the thin line of being too cheeky.

“We have always been a bold and cheeky brand and our fans who are more open minded love the way we have projected ourselves on social media”, added Harshil and I had to agree since the community is loving the brand.