Become the Avatar of Social Media Marketing


In the cartoon world of “Avatar, The Last Airbender,” many people had the ability to master an element, whether it be earth, fire, wind, or water. But only the one known as the “Avatar” had the ability to master all four elements and become a renowned leader. You too can become the “Avatar” of Social Media Marketing if you are willing to master, not just one, but all the elements of SMM.


This is the foundation of your SMM, also known as content creation. Decide what specific message your company wants others to know. You have to have a solid and big Idea to build on. This requires research of your own company as well as competitors and your target audience. After the research, come up with foundational tactics and goals to accomplish. Then, create the message/content to share with that target audience. After that, it’s time to send the message out.


Now it’s time to implement the tactics you created and get social. With a fiery passion behind your message, send your message out to all the forms of Social Media that you have chosen. Fire is an active force. If it becomes dormant it can’t do anything, but with energy it can become a force to be noticed and reckoned with. That’s what fire does, it gets noticed and talked about, and that’s exactly what you want to happen with your message. To do this, you need to be active in as many places as you can handle. Don’t over extend yourself! Even a fire spread too thin will die out eventually, and you need to be on the front lines of the SMM war. Be social! Being more social puts a face to the company and will help you build trust and brand loyalty. Have a passion for what you do and for the message you’re sharing. People will see your activity and excitement and become excited themselves, which will lead them to share your message with others. So keep the fire going and be excited.


This element keeps your message consistently reaching out to the audience. Consistency is a problem for some companies. They have a great idea but only share something about it once and expect to see results. Like blowing wind, you need to be constantly sending the message out. Create a schedule of when, where and how you want your message sent out. You could write a weekly blog or decide how many times you want to post on Social Media sites and at what time. Once you have created a schedule, test how it works. If it works, stick to it. If not, then try different times or different types of posts. If pictures aren’t working try videos, be ever adapting. Master the element of wind and be consistent.


This element keeps your company and audience cool and refreshed. Social Media has become one of the greatest customer service tools available today. People connect with you through your Social Media activity. This allows them to keep updated and make comments and ask questions directly to you. This can be a very dangerous thing, so you need to stay afloat. When someone asks a question you respond ASAP. Also, decide whether to respond to them openly so everyone can see the response or privately. Some companies do not want to be on social media because they could have negative comments. True, you will most likely get some negative comments, but you need to keep cool, be open, and respond in kind. Consider whether or not to delete a negative comment. In my professional opinion, I wouldn’t. You don’t want to appear like your company is hiding anything. Plus, it’s just good PR to leave it there and respond to the comment in a kind professional manner. So use the element of cool and refreshing customer service to your advantage. Stay above the water and don’t sink by being lazy or ignoring what should be answered.

Go forward, master all the elements of Social Media Marketing, and become the “Avatar” for your company.

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