A reader asked me to recommend a company that will help her manage her online reputation.

Here’s my advice, which every Publicity Hound should pay attention to, before the you-know-what hits the fan:

“I don’t remember recommending a specific company.  Many companies do this.

“Of far greater importance, I believe, is being proactive long before something bad happens to harm your reputation.  I suggest you listen to the recording of the teleseminar that Tom Antion, my mentor, conducted a few months ago on Reputation Management: How to Build & Protect a Great Reputation Online (affiliate link).”

Too many companies wait until they’re in the middle of a crisis to create a blog, or monitor what’s said about them in online discussion forums and at social media sites. Tom shows you how to create systems, like a blog, that will help you communicate with the public within seconds. He also shows you how to respond to bad reviews, nasty comments and rumors.

The added bonus to this program is the dozens of high-traffic, authoritative websites where he recommends you have a presence. They’ll help push bad news about you off of the first page of Google’s organic search listings when someone seaches for your name or your company’s name.