The World Wide Web is abuzz with social media. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Google+, there are countless ways to stay connected and share information. With more and more companies recognizing the need for an online presence, they are taking to the Web to connect with customers and make an impression.

While social media is a great way to connect with friends, it can also help you in your job search. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with companies and professionals that interest you. Stay current in the latest developments in your field. Use your resources to expand your network. Make the most of these powerful platforms to build your reputation and get noticed.

Create a Professional Identity

Who are you as a professional? What are your strengths, accomplishments, and interests? If you are not sure who you are, how will employers know? Make sure that all of your social profiles present the same general impression. While they do not have to be exact replicas of one another, they should convey the same professional persona.

Fill out information as completely and accurately as possible. Uploading your resume to LinkedIn can allow employers to better see what you have to offer up front. Stick with a formal-looking headshot for your profile picture so that potential employers are met with a good impression. Make the most of privacy settings to control what others see and only make public the professional content. At the same time, post with discretion and use your best judgment when it comes to sharing.

Start Following Businesses and Industry Leaders

What are some prominent companies in your field? Or who are the leaders that are making a difference? Like their Facebook pages and follow their Twitter accounts. Find out what they are talking about and what is trending. This can keep you current in the industry so when you go for interviews you know what the buzz is about. Then join in. Start posting relevant content on your own pages and accounts. Re-post, re-tweet, comment on, and share information from others, plus add your own. You never know when a recruiter may take notice.

Get Involved

Start interacting with businesses that you are interested in working for. Find out more about their vision and goals and what is going on at their company. Many employers are starting to post job openings via social media, meaning those who follow their feeds find out right away. Share information relevant to the industry. Interject your own insight when it adds value to the conversation. Once you apply for a job, the recruiter may start checking out your online presence. You want to make sure that you are making meaningful contributions that reflect positively on who you are.


Build your network of connections. You never know who can help land you a job. Perhaps they work at the company you are interested in or know someone who does. If people know that you are looking, they can pass along information about openings or opportunities. Make the most of your professional networks and always be on the lookout for how to expand your reach.

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