HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A SNAPCHAT CONTENT CREATOR how to make money with snapchat

How to make Money with Snapchat

There is nothing more rewarding than being paid to be creative.

Snapchat just so happens to be on of the most creative platforms. Snapchatters have an incredible ability to natively tell stories with al the mechanisms like emoji’s, filters, drawings, and of course vertical videos.

Snapchat is a content creators proverbial dream come true.

Here’s the rub though, many people think they could get paid to be content creators but very few get the opportunity.

Here is how to make money as a Snapchat content creator.

Build Your Audience

Before you can make a penny, you have to build your audience. This takes hard work, dedication, a strategy, and a little luck.

There are no shortcuts to growing your audience but with the right knowledge you can seriously speed up the process. It doesn’t matter if you are a personal brand, an influencer in training, or a local brick and mortar shop. Building that audience is pivotal to the success of monetization on Snapchat.

Listen to the Market

Listening to the market means taking the time to have conversations with your Snapchat audience. As a content creator you must figure out what type of content they want to consume, and consequently, create more of it. You have to listen to the words and phrases they use in their snaps and understand how to “speak their language.”

You must listen to the needs of your audience, otherwise they’ll never pay attention to you.

Create a Monetization Strategy

After listening to the market you can find a monetization strategy that works for your audience. This might mean making an online course or product like Snapchat Mastery and selling this natively on Snapchat.

This might mean creating amazing Snapchat stories like Shaunayala does in an influencer campaign.

Maybe you take over a brand’s account like Harris Markowitz does with Zillow (This is dannyberk’s story).

This could mean pushing products like DJ Khaled has been doing.

Finally, you might do a partnership with a personal brand like Taylor.Nikolai. He partnered with Mastercard’s red carpet event.

Understand the Key Metrics to Success

Brands are not just looking at your follower count. It certainly helps having 100,000+ opens on your story, but if the audience is not engaged, numbers don’t mean much. If you have 5,000 highly engaged members that make purchases, it is much more appealing than 100k opens that are not engaged.

If 30% of your 5,000 opens converts into $100 sales a piece, you can net a brand $150,000. Compare that to a 100,000 opens at 1%, this nets only $100,000 in sales. Granted it isn’t always as easy to track direct sales through influencer marketing campaigns.

The point is know how much influence you have, and how much you can push your audience other places.

Create a Strong Network of Other Creators

What most people forget is that influencers and content creators on Snapchat know each other.

It’s important to build relationships with other content creators. Consequently, you bring more to the table with any brand opportunities, and more. Not only do you have your network to pull on but you have other networks to leverage. Other content creators can help by suggesting that their audience visit your story or collaborating on an epic story.

It isn’t what you know after all, it is who you know and how well you know them.

How are you making money as a content creator on Snapchat? Leave a comment below