The hardest thing to do when participating in social media is listening. Utilizing social media as a part of a business plan means you are inviting and letting the customers talk to you and be connected to you. You are giving them the freedom to say what they want to say to you.

This also means huge amount of noise, chatter and insights from people that are concerned or people that just want to make you angry. Having to hear all these things is one thing, but listening to them is another. Especially bad and destructive things.

Adding to this is the temptation of talking, talking, and always talking. Social media also offers you an easy way to approach your followers, this is sometimes abused by marketers and advertisers. It is fun to speak and speak in social media but it is necessary to listen and determine what your audience wants and what they need to hear from you. Tell them something they want to hear and something they can see value from.

Trying to avoid talking without saying anything is the best way to deal with this issue.

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