Some foods taste better in combinations – like tea with cakes or coffee with cookies or perhaps Lipton Ice Tea with a Subway sandwich. At least, that is what the two brands are aiming for. Every time you order a sub at Subway, you can make the most of it with a glass of chilled Lipton Ice Tea. One of the most popular iced tea brand in India, Lipton Ice Tea has launched ‘Perfect combos’, the objective of which essentially is to promote Subway and Lipton Ice Tea as the perfect food combination.

Executed by digital agency Brandmovers India, Perfect Combos was launched last month in December with the idea to popularize activities done in combination with friends, while emphasizing on the perfect combo of them all – Subway and Lipton Ice Tea. Not only does the food duo avail you a discount of Rs. 25 at the Subway store, there is also a Facebook contest that can win you vouchers from Shoppers Stop.

Perfect Combo Facebook app

You need to ‘like’ the Lipton Ice Tea Facebook page to enter the Perfect Combo Facebook app and make a perfect combination for your Facebook friends. The contest is simple – pick a Facebook friend from the list and fix up a combo for them. Enter a little message and share with the world.


Combos can be made by using any of the objects in each set like bicycles, cookies, Lipton Ice Tea, etc. Then you can proceed with the default message or write up one of your own customized message to your friend. Interestingly, for a combo of sunglasses and a sub, the default message was ‘We can hog like crazy but we’ll still have to look cool!”.

The app then creates a visual for the selected friend with their name on the top, the combo and the message. If you have enabled the app to share on your wall, it does so while tagging the friend for whom the perfect combo has been made. The above visual is my combination of Lipton Ice Tea with ice cubes for a chilled out day with a friend.

Promotions on the Facebook wall and Twitter

‘Perfect Combos’ is being promoted extensively on the social networks of the beverage brand. The 4.6 million fan base on the Facebook page is being treated to various combinations as given in the app, while encouraging participation in the contest.


On Twitter, conversations have been created around the hashtag #PerfectCombo. Users are being led to the Facebook app to create the perfect combos for their friends.

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— LiptonIceTeaIN (@LiptonIceTeaIN) December 23, 2013

Connecting with friends and food combos

Perfect Combos uses a simply idea for communicating the brand message. The concept of promoting the iced tea and the sub as the perfect combination by paralleling it to the fun activities done with friends, is an impressive one for driving home the message. Apart from a simple design and layout, the app works smoothly and helps in growing the fan base too. What stands out here is the creation of a personalized visual with names and messages. That said, the campaign could do better with more buzz on Twitter around the hashtag #PerfectCombo.

Early last year, the ice tea brand had embarked on a integrated journey to make Lipton Ice Tea as the refreshing beverage for the youth with its ‘Get Refreshed Naturally’ campaign. A microsite powered with social logins featured fun games where one could unlock hidden prizes with their activities.

With ‘Perfect Combos’ the journey has been taken forward. What do you say?