The term “social media ninja” has been rather common as of late. It’s been in headlines of spammers advertising for “positions,” where you can, and I quote, “MAKE 2000$ IN JUS TWWO DAYS!!!” The term is often used by those who are tired of using boring old business titles like “manager” and “coordinator.” But maybe we can glean something useful from this exaggerated title. Perhaps there is a correlation between those using social media and actual ninjas. What ninja skills—if any—can digital marketers apply to their work? We at Mixed Digital have provided a few answers.

1.    Ninjas know their targets.
 Like ninjas, you should know who you’re going after. Not to say you should stalk your prey in the night like a ninja, but you ought to know those you’re trying to reach. Learn their ways, understand how to think like them, and show them what you’ve got.

2.    Ninjas use their tools with precision.
Swords, nunchucks, and shuriken—these are the tools of a ninja. And they are skillfully used to accomplish certain goals. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest—these are your tools. Use them well.

3.    Ninjas use the element of surprise.
Granted, when ninjas surprised people, it oftentimes ended in a massacre. But these days, surprises tend to make people happy. When was the last time you did something truly surprising for your customers? It’s great if consumers know what to expect from you and your brand, but it can be good to try something you never have before—in other words, keep things fresh.

4.    Ninjas train for battle.
Develop the disciplines you will need for your craft. Study. Practice. Hone your skills so you can stand out from the competition.

In closing, we’ll leave you with two thoughts: 1) It’s best not to call yourself a social media ninja and 2) if you want a unique term for your social media position, we encourage you to find a less common title. Maybe “social media cowboy” could be your thing.

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