“You’re one of the first users selected to preview Klout’s new topic pages. Click on any topic link across the site to see top influencers, the most influential content, and much more coming soon!”
If you haven’t gotten to see them yet, here’s what Klout has coming your way.

The top of each page has what looks to be a random tweet from one of the topic’s influencers, followed by thumbnails of the Top Influencers and Top K+ Recipients. There’s a clickable menu on the left to see the topic broken down by:

  • Top Influencers
  • Top +K Recipients
  • Best Content
While the first is standard Klouttalk and the second is clear, I wasn’t sure what the 3rd meant.
Best Content: “Check out the latest buzz. Here’s some of the most influential content about Social Media in the past 90 days.”
It’s a page of tweets, but not really clear as to what they’re there for. Perhaps most retweets?
What more would you like to see from Klout topic pages?