geralt / Pixabay

So you finally got tired of blundering through your social media campaigns and looked to your favorite search engine. You typed in social media campaigns and got a bunch of results that gave you hope that you actually could reach your marketing goals sometime in the foreseeable future.

Congratulations! You just saved yourself the trouble of reinventing the cliched wheel. You have avoided all the dead end streets and time-consuming three-point-turns that others before you have made, and found the smoothest path to success. I say three-point turn because u-turns are quick, easy and seamless – fixing a mistake in business rarely is.

You found out that merely knowing what your product is isn’t enough. You need to understand your product. Without a deep understanding of what makes your product special, you can’t make it stand out from the fleet of other products on the market.

You saw that you needed to use multiple social media pathways and understand the users of each outlet to reach the right audience. A social media campaign still involves writing and one of the most important rules of writing is knowing your audience.

You also looked into the social media demographic and saw that if you wanted to reach people between 18 and 24 that your best bet would be Snapchat at 45% of social media users. It was an eye-opener to see that you weren’t targeting the clients that needed your product most.

You realized that you could use social media to advertise and increase awareness of your brand through unique events. You can use social media to keep your product in the hearts and minds of your customers AND boost interest in your brand by making its presence increasingly felt.

You started making the distinction between high-end customers – who have a wide range of choices – and low-end customers – who pretty much only have cost in mind. Instead of trying to drum up business from the Groupons of the world, you’re targeting higher-end clientele that needs to be enticed and seduced instead of just given a list of services.

The thing that no newbie seems to realize is that we are all inundated with a virtual pile of cyber adverts. Just go through your own Twitter account or Facebook news feed and you’ll see this is 100% true. In order to make yourself into a household name, you need to get into the house.

The next time you’re on your favorite social media network or walking around town, make a conscious effort to pick out how many products don’t make it into your home. Then take a moment and realize that – to someone else – your product is that product.

Now before you do anything drastic, take what you have learned here and start to implement it. Make your product into an unmistakable entity. Nothing was anything until it became something, and you can start making your product by knowing who needs it and what it can do for them.