In lieu of the holidays, what better way to celebrate closed offices and parties than with one of the best Christmas movie characters of all time? Kevin McCallister. Full of ambition and a willingness to do anything adults can do, he’s the poster child for a future CEO. In fact, at the ripe age of 10, he’s already got his business senses down better than most adults. In Buzzfeed fashion (and because it’s an excuse to make tons of sweet memes), here’s why the star of Home Alone is a business aficionado.

He tells it like it is


He’s good with technology


He knows when to admit he’s out of his league


Or when it’s others trying to overachieve

Fuller drinking Pepsi

He can turn everyday objects into weapons

broken ornament

No one is stealing his intel so long as there’s marbles and paint cans within reach.

He can sweet-talk his way through any situation.


He knows how to celebrate

ice cream home alone

Which is ok because he has a good grasp of dental health

dental health

You’re gaining a lot of trust with those pearly whites, Kevin.

How to make a solid friendship, even when it’s unlikely

kevin mccalister

And how to stand up for what’s right.

turtle doves