I really don’t bother with who has unfollowed me on Twitter and stay away from apps that help in knowing it.But there are tweeps who will find out why you have unfollowed them and even why are JustUnfollow Appyou not following back. For them there is JustUnfollow, an app that lets you manage your Twitter and Instagram unfollowers and followers, and much more.

The app has been in the market for a pretty good time now and has recently undergone a complete redesign of its iOS and Android versions. Besides the logo has taken a new shift with a finger on the button, symbolising quick social media accounts management on networks like Twitter and Instagram.

I have known the app since a long time now but my dislike for apps that auto tweet has kept me away from it. I value my Twitter feed and conversations and have used Manageflitter’s web version for a while to keep my account clean However, when JustUnfollow came up with a new design for Android, I thought of giving it a try.

Interesting features of the app

As told earlier, the app right now works for Twitter and Instagram. I played around with Twitter as I am not active on Instagram. Once the authentication was done, it takes few seconds to get accustomed to the simple and neat UI.

As you can see in the screen grab, the app is just not about checking who are the non followers, who followed and unfollowed recently on Twitter, but has additional interesting features like – Copy Followers, Friend JustUnfollow Android AppCheck, Whitelist and Blacklist.

Copy Followers allows you to follow new users. Upon following a certain user, the app pulls out the most engaging followers of the Twitter account. These users are more active users and have the probability of following you back.

Friend Check feature pulls out the relationship between two accounts. It states if a certain account is following you or not. I am assuming that the startup would love to add some more insights on the Twitter activity with respect to the account added.

Besides this Whitelist and Blacklist are simple features but pretty useful. You can set rules for people whom you don’t want to ever unfollow and want to unfollow respectively. Inactive Following is another simple feature that tells you about inactive users based on their activity for a month, three months and six months.

Is it worth giving a try?

With 4 million downloads and 15,000 new signups daily, the app is really useful and the new simplistic design will draw more users to it. The app has no glitches so far and does the job for the Android version. In fact there has been no automated tweet from the app; it would be interesting to see if there are automated tweets later in the day.

Smart features like Copy Followers make the app interesting and more than just checking people who have followed or unfollowed on Twitter. Addition of Instagram is good and it would be interesting to see what new networks the app would add in the future.

Apart from the free app, JustUnfollow has a Premium and a Pro version too. Though the feature popped a message that billing is not possible now but the Premium $4.99 a year lets you have unlimited access for one account, Whitelist and Blacklist 10,000 users. The Pro version lets you do the same job for total 5 Twitter accounts.

I was apprehensive about testing the app initially but glad I did, it is worth giving a try. Have you tried JustUnfollow? If yes then do share your experience in the comments section.

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