Recently, Brad Phillips, a.k.a. Mr. Media Training, wrote a post about giving a Tweet-worthy media interview. This excellent piece of literature got me thinking of the importance of having Tweet-able messages within your crisis communications plan.

Why are tweet-worthy messages important in a crisis?

Soundbites are a powerful thing. (For everything you need to know about soundbites, I recommend reading Brad Phillips’s new book, The Media Training Bible) In a crisis, you want your message to be powerful, to the point, memorable and seen by the right people. Being prepared with a strategic and to-the-point soundbite is a good way to accomplish this crisis communications mission. Now, what if your soundbite was so strategically thought-out that it was short enough to fit into a tweet – and better yet, short enough to be retweeted by others?

This would:

  • Up your chances of retweets, and thus providing you with the potential for maximum views
  • Make your message easy for others to write about, talk about and share
  • Leave your audience with choice-words that are memorable and to the point

So, while developing your crisis communications plan, remember to include some guidelines for creating tweet-able soundbites. To be even better prepared, include some generic tweet-ables within your crisis plan’s holding statements section.

Tips to creating and sharing tweet-able crisis communications messages

  • Keep it short (aim for 100 characters or less)
  • Make it catchy, memorable and to the point
  • Keep it in-line with your overall crisis communications messages
  • Include a Vine strategy where possible
  • Share it with your audience from your own channels
  • Make it a “Tweet-able” link from your blog, website and/or newsroom
  • Ask your loyal followers to help share your message

So, next time you’re working on your crisis communications plan – or worse, next time you find yourself in a crisis – remember to make your message memorable and tweet-able.

What are your thoughts and/or experiences on creating tweet-able messages in a crisis? Feel free to share them with me below!