Social search accounts for your circle of social network friends and connections2012 saw a big shift in many search engines towards a more social search. With Google’s search engine integrating more social information from Google+ and other social networks, and Facebook’s plans to introduce new social search features, 2013 should lead to an even more social SEO strategy.

Social search uses the social network activity from the person performing the search to deliver more personalized and relevant search results.

Google implements social search by incorporating your Google+ community and its visited and liked pages. Google’s search also integrates statistics from social media networks to rank pages and results.

With Facebook’s massive user base and comparatively active community, its social search has the potential to be incredibly powerful. With all of the likes, shares, and comments on your social network, Facebook could deliver search results that are much more relevant to your likes and your community.

The Importance of Creating Content for Social Searches

Regularly creating and sharing content can make a huge difference for your results in social search. Creating new content to share on social media networks helps establish citations and keywords for your business, and gives your social network more opportunities to like and share your content.

There are many different types of content that should be shared to create better SEO, from social media posts, videos, comments and conversations, blogs, and more. Make sure to use your business’ keywords in your content – this will help build keyword citations and help search engines connect your business with your industry.

Update Content Frequently

It’s also important to update content and social media pages frequently. Regularly updated sites rank better in search results. It’s also good to relate your content to current trends, wherever applicable. Regular keyword research can help you learn what popularly searched keywords can apply to your business. If you can apply these keywords and topics to your content you can pull a lot of traffic from popular search terms.

Build Social Networks

It’s more important than ever to build your business’ profile on social networks. Social networks can help you connect with fans as well as other businesses and professionals in your and related industries. Building a strong and active social network around your business pages has many SEO benefits in social searches.

Will 2013 Be The Year Social Search Takes over SEO?

Search engines are definitely moving in a much more social direction, and I expect to see more social features integrated into search engines over the year. When Facebook introduces the social search features it has been working on, it could have a major impact in how most people search.

With all of the movement towards social search in 2012, and many ways that social search features are likely to arise in 2013, it’s more important than ever for your business to implement a strong social strategy to build stronger SEO performance.

How will your business prepare for social search?