People buy into the hype of social media marketing like a puppy ready to play fetch. The potential of wealth beyond measure, fame and fortune, internet sales based on social community development around a particular niche is pretty exciting to some. Developing fans of your product and brand, increased word of mouth marketing to extend your company’s reach often is a huge asset to a business.

Social marketing’s impact on a company’s bottom line can be felt “around the world” if it’s done right.

For others, they’ve become jaded and see social media marketing as little more than … cute little puppies posts on Facebook and random tweets about the latest sale on Twitter as a waste of time and money…which they are. They’ve seen and heard the vapid thoughts from social media “gurus” like the peeps over at The Onion recently spoofed in this video:

All this produces is money poorly spent and a lack of sales.


Why use social media to market? And how do we do it right?

Social Media Examiner brought us more interesting research earlier this year, by way of a survey of 2,000 marketers on how and why they use social media. Topping the “why” list:

  • Increased exposure
  • Increased website traffic
  • Provided marketplace insight
  • Generated leads
  • Developed loyal fans

Ninety-four percent of those marketers said they use social media; 83 percent reported it’s important to their business….More at For the 18th Time, Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Suck: How

It’s easy to understand from that image, that there can be VALUE to marketing online and why marketers use social media. But…

What does it take to get it done?

Well first you better have a damn fine product that people will want and/or need. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 of Monopoly money if you don’t the basics to play THIS game…you’re wasting your time.


The foundation of social marketing is creating GREAT content and play the social content marketing game.

Not the kind of playing around on social network sites where random quotes on Twitter, cute puppies on Pinterest and lame polls on Facebook just to generate some likes and retweets.

There are rules to this game:

1. Produce Content

2. Share content through your marketing and PR channels.

3. Generate the most visibility and leads to win the game!

(courtesy of Fisher Vista.)…More at Play The Social Content Marketing Game To Win Visibility, Leads

From Facebook, to Twitter and Pinterest, you need to entice people in to look at what you offer. To connect with your brand and/or product. When you are able to expand your network with great content, that is shareable, attracts people to your brand and builds profitable engagements…you are playing the game the right way.

Taking the time to plan how to win at social media marketing is essential to playing the game…and makes it a serious piece of your business’ marketing arsenal!

The takeaway…

The secret to good social media marketing: Make good products and offer good services. If you can’t trick people into “Liking” your brand, maybe you can try to make them actually, you know, like your brand. How? Under-promise and over-deliver. Make products and offer services that are really, really good. That’s not to say you should completely forsake social media marketing communication. Every once in a while if you have something interesting to say, then by all means use Twitter or Facebook to say it. But stop posting cute pictures of puppies to win cheap Likes….More at Let’s Face it: Most Social Media Marketing Is a Waste of Time

What do YOU think?

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