Several social media platforms exist in today’s digital marketing space. And as a digital marketer, life revolves around visuals content and write-ups. People are mostly fascinated with interactive graphics and intensely focus on their essence.

And that is because perceiving visuals derive imagination. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that eye-catching visuals are leading today’s online businesses.

Have you ever noticed why your B2B competitor has the highest target audience reach while you are still struggling to build a compelling portfolio? You might be missing a unique feature of digital marketing best practices that is blazing businesses — visual trends.

In today’s digital warfare, corporate companies are most fitting to versatile digital scope. This scope has allowed individuals to incline towards viewing rather than reading. You may find several social media platforms grabbing the attention of the audience from across the world.

The biggest social media giants are continuously making their channels a complete comfort zone for everyone. And visual content is becoming the most popular trend among internet users. However, the real battle is between Pinterest and Instagram — the trade entrepreneurs are willing to take their businesses to the next level.

You may find it a bit off, but the truth is that Pinterest and Instagram are becoming popular platforms to showcase products and services without too much wording. But how can you identify the best one for your business interests?

The first thing to do is to consider your business goals. Once you understand the objectives, the next is your target market, and so on.

But first:

Social Media Platforms — Getting Familiar With Instagram

Living in a digital age is not about keeping your eyes closed because fast-moving technology can only build awareness while sitting on a cozy couch. You have to move a little out of your comfort zone to explore what’s trending in your surroundings.

Instagram isn’t that old to your knowledge. The image-sharing platform emerged in the social media world with the ease of putting up visual content to engage your social circle.

Developers haven’t added any rocket science to the social media app until now. The application became popular for efficient account handling using the smartphone. You don’t have to import stuff to build an account.

Like other social media platforms, Instagram connects people around the world in just a few clicks. Do you know why Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps for many people? It allows users to do almost anything – digitally roam around without any hassle.

Thus, if you are socializing on Instagram, you’ll realize that many corporate businesses have integrated the social media app for building brand awareness. As a result, brand penetration has become much more comfortable than you can imagine.

Research reveals that Instagram is one of the most engaging social media channels that gives an immediate boost to a business using special features.

Pinterest in Action – Unveiling Digital Truths

While you see Instagram as a leading image-sharing channel, Pinterest is at the back in visual marketing competition. Just like a creative diary with loads of pictures and ideas, People recognize Pinterest as a web-based bulletin board.

You may find it challenging to know the perspective of the design. But Pinterest is a handy tool for organizing your favorite graphics online. Isn’t a smartphone in the reach? No problem. You can also access the application via desktop.

Research says that Pinterest ensures usability and allows users to save images and videos for later use. If you are planning an event or looking for ideas to dress up for a prom, Pinterest is just a click away.

Pinterest vs Instagram

Not only that, but you can also connect with other profiles and look for their boards for more ideas. Are you confused between the two social media platforms? Let’s get you out of the confusion by exploring which one to choose for marketing your products or services in the online B2B platform.

The Best Social Media Channel: Pinterest vs. Instagram Challenge

Instagram and Pinterest are both inspiring today’s businesses. However, choosing the right platform for your marketing campaigns can be a challenge.

We have made a list of factors that will help you with picking the right social media site for posting product pictures online.

1. Look Out for the Audience

Pay attention to the number of users connected to each social media channel. Currently, Instagram has secured recognition from more than 500 million active daily users. International connections and regular posts are the reasons why Instagram is becoming eye candy for everyone today.

Nonetheless, since Pinterest is a bulletin board, users typically engage with the platform to capture ideas. But most B2B trade sites are taking much interest in Instagram as a social exposure for making the connection between suppliers and buyers more effectively.

For example, if you wish to supply handmade products or classy apparel, you can post captivating pictures with engaging Instagram captions to promote the business beyond boundaries. Adding one more point to address the difference; Pinterest is more accessible to women, whereas Instagram is pretty standard in both men and women.

2. Marketing With Hashtags

What comes to mind when you hear “hashtag”? Of course, Instagram. Most active Instagram users are familiar with the importance of hashtags. Innovation and reaching the top of the feed are all linked with hashtag trends.

Instagram users conveniently use hashtags to discover what’s trending and even find more connections. The online B2B platform also facilitates trade businesses to use the hashtag for reaching a maximum number of users in just a few seconds.

Using strong content and interactive visuals is a must to promote products. But adding hashtags is a cherry on top. Hashtags help to improve content visibility. However, although Pinterest also supports hashtags, it’s not as useful as Instagram.

It only helps users to find the relevant content that fits into the search category.

3. Video Sharing

B2B marketers most likely connect with social media platforms that support video sharing. Instagram lies in this category. You can make innovative video clips of your choice on the site. It has multiple filters and features that allow marketers to create eye-grabbing visuals that attract users.

However, Pinterest is not closer to Instagram features. Although it supports video, you can only add links to external sites, which is somewhat not accurate with B2B services. This factor makes sense where your B2B marketing can help in showcasing products globally.

4. Picture-Perfect Posts

While digging the two social media platforms deeper, another factor to ponder is image editing. B2B marketers look for social media channels that have an image editing feature. Instagram has remarkable editing features.

It has a built-in enhancement tool allowing users to edit pictures and add filters according to their choice. But Pinterest fails in this regard. You cannot get this feature for making images look perfect on social media.

Nevertheless, using third-party graphics tools is ideal, but may cost you time and money. Consequently, if you wish to make your digital presence compelling and fruitful, Instagram can be the right choice for your business.

Wrapping Up Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Choosing a better social media channel for promoting your products or services is a thoughtful process. You have to be clear about the features and the right use of the platform. Also, you should define your goals before making an engaging portfolio.

B2B brands are real picky in marketing their products on digital online platforms. In this way, the post will help entrepreneurs to find the best solution without investing a lot. Therefore, if you wish to make your online presence profitable, Instagram marketing should be your first choice.

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