Ping Digital, a full service digital media company, headquartered in Mumbai and OKListen, a digital music platform has collaborated together to launch India Music Network. According to India Digital Review, the online music channel is also known as IMN Tv since the network has been launched as a YouTube brand channel. The network has been launched with an intention to provide a platform for new generation musicians and artists by showcasing original music or compositions via the YouTube platform.


The IMN YouTube Channel

The IMN YouTube brand channel has already gathered 97 subscribers and more than 15K views. The channel has listed a series of videos that are featuring the new talents and their creativity. However it is interesting to note that YouTube channel lists 2012 as the channel’s creation date.

In addition to this, the network is growing it’s presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook presence is building up and the content that is being shared with fans are more or less from the IMN network. The Twitter network is building up too and the network is also sharing the updates from the IMN network and focusing on connecting with music lovers on Twitter.

The IMN platform is an interesting effort from both Ping Digital and OKListen. Ping Digital has been a believer in creating such networks in the past. India Food Network or IFN Tv has been a similar effort in the past from the digital company. It is a community of Indian food lovers hosted on YouTube as a brand channel. I believe the success of IFN might have motivated them to look into such niche interest based networks. In a country where the video consumption is growing with every passing day, the launch of a YouTube channel makes sense.

It would be interesting to know what musicians and composers have to say about such networks.