Social Media ROIWhether it’s a big sale your company is having, or an event that is coming up, social media is one of the top ways to spread the word and maximize your social media marketing efforts. Learn how to increase your audience and increase your social media ROI.

Start With A Solid Social Media Presence

  • Write about relevant topics
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Be responsive to your followers
  • Use social media to announce sales or events

Share Relevant Information

Posting articles, short tips or life hacks that correspond with the product or service you sell is a great way to gain a reputation. By posting relevant, helpful and unique content, you are more likely to see your web presence grow.

For example, a company called LifeLock uses Twitter to send out tools, resources and other important information that will be helpful to their followers. The information they send out is always in some way related to what they do which is protecting yourself and your privacy.

Find Your Target Audience and Connect With Them

On social media, you are marketing directly to your target audience, who are basically the people that want what you have, and you need to connect with them on what feels like a more personal level.

  • Make effective use of hashtags
  • Remember to add keywords in all posts
  • Tell your friends
  • Let Google do the work

People only follow you if what you have to offer is of interest to them so, make sure that what you put out there is useful and/or exciting to those you have determined to be your target audience in order to get them to click your follow button.

One of the greatest things about social media is the fact that it brings you directly into the personal space of the audience you need to reach. They no longer have to leave work or home to find the businesses they need, now they can do it right from their laptop or phone. And once they start to follow your company they will be looking to you to continue your helpful advice, information or whatever else you posted that interested them enough to follow.

An important fact to remember is to keep people engaged so that your social media outlets are the first place they go when they log on looking for whatever your business provides.

Cross Promote All Your Social Media

With the growing number of advertisements being social media based, it’s important that you try and learn all the tricks of the trade. One of the most common and highly effective ways to benefit from social media marketing is to cross promote across all your social media profiles.

Besides the cross promotion of blogs, products or services, you should also be in the habit of socially interacting with your customers across these platforms. The more interaction you get on a social media post, the more people you will reach and the more site traffic you will drive.

Initially it may feel like it is an overload of promotion, but cross promoting will get all of your information out to all of your followers and contacts on their preferred social media platform.

The world of social media has given businesses a closer connection to the people looking for their products and services more now than ever before. Increase your audience and increase your ROI.

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