social media engagement, facebook engagement, twitter engagement, engagement rate, social media engagement rate, social media, facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, linkedin engagement, social media marketing, social media consultant, social media managerDetermining the level of success your business’ social media accounts are achieving can be difficult. With countless analytics that tell different stories at your disposal, just how are you to choose one single metric?

You shouldn’t. But there is one statistic you should pay great attention to: engagement rate.

What is an engagement rate?

Your engagement rate will tell you what percentage of people who have viewed a particular post have also commented on, replied to, shared, and/or liked it, among other types of interactions specific to each platform. For example, a tweet that reaches 302 people and combines for 18 engagements will have an engagement rate of about 6.0 percent.

Why are engagement rates important?

As a social media manager, engagement rate is the statistic that I spend the greatest amount of time looking to improve. The more people engage with a social media post, the more likely it is to reach additional social media users. But that’s not it.

Engagement rates also allow you to answer two key questions about your social media pages. First, what types of content do your followers find intriguing? Do they like videos? Images? Text posts? Second, when is the best time to post on social media and on which platform? This makes it easier to ensure that you’re not wasting content by posting it at the wrong times.

Note that in this article, just about each of the key social media performance indicators discussed directly or indirectly relate to engagement rates.

Two simple ways to improve your account’s engagement rates

Start by fine-tuning the smaller things

As discussed above, engagement rate is essentially an umbrella term encompassing various factors that impact it.

Research and develop ways to attract more retweets. Maybe focus on improving your click-through rates if you’re including links in your content. Promote your content to increase reach.

Add personality to your content

Here’s a guarantee: No one will want to follow you if you only promote your own goods or services. Center the majority of your social media content on your local community — people will interact with things they want to talk about. Don’t be afraid to add some charisma to your content too.

Another way to add personality to your content? Show the faces behind your brand by introducing your followers to each staff member individually. This can be done in a series of posts that produce high levels of engagement and reach a greater number of users. Furthermore, displaying the people behind the brand builds trust in potential clients.

While remembering it’s not the only metric that counts, place more emphasis on your social media engagement rates going forward. As they improve, so will your social media success.