Storytelling your brand on social media

Social media storytelling is an effective way in connecting your brand with your potential customers. Unlike the traditional hard-hitting advertisements, storytelling is much more influential.

So, what are the steps that we can increase our brand power with social media storytelling?

1. Listen to your Audience


2. Don’t Listen to the Ego

Just like directing a box-office movie, you need to create a brand that is much loved and shared by many on social media. Hence, the very first step is to listen to your consumers. Find out their needs, and how your brand is going to help them.

Ego-driven brands will usually tend to sell and shout out more of its product features without venturing deeper into understanding its consumers more.  Let your consumers come first and make them the heroes in your social media storytelling, not your products and services.

3. Target the Right Audience

Branding will be most effective when target the right consumer market especially during the initial stage. Targeted consumers is the group of consumers that has the highest probability of buying your products and services than anyone else. They are the right kind of demographics that make up more than 70% of your company’s sales revenue.

Targeting the wrong demographics of consumers can mean wastage of marketing monies and time. Just like movies, the wrong group of audience may not be able to appreciate the work of your movie.

4. Develop Your Characters

Character development is important. Imagine when the movie has no character development at all, the audience will feel no connection for the characters. For example, John came into the middle of the movie , and then he died in the end. [So, what happen in between?]

Always remember to 'connect'

Always remember to ‘connect’

In your social media branding, character development here will mean that you need to take your consumers from point A to point B. Educate them about your brand and make them always feel good about your brand.

5. The Perfect Ending

Every good story will have that perfect ending. Likewise in your social media storytelling, the perfect ending will mean that your brand is able to influence your consumers, and eventually convert them into your buying customers.

Be patient with the results. So long whatever you put in your brand updates, facebook posts, tweets or pins, are able to convince your consumers a little by little subconsciously; you are doing it right. And if you do it right, the level of consumer trust on your brand will be increasingly high, and your consumers will more likely share your brand to their family and friends on social media as well!

In summary, how powerful you want your brand to be, will depend on how good and influential you are at storytelling it on social media. Good luck!