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I often hear the expression, “It’s just human nature,” to explain why people feel the way they do about things. You know what I’m talking about…feelings such as anger, laziness, forgetfulness, denial, greed. Do you see a pattern emerging here? When you think about it, human nature seems rather negative, doesn’t it? As I scroll through my Facebook and Twitter timelines every day, I observe firsthand how negative posts seem to attract all the attention and comments. Oh well, it’s just human nature, right?

I consider myself an eternal optimist. In fact, there have even been occasions when people have expressed annoyance with my attitude. “Take your head out of the sand,” or “You need to face the facts,” they have told me. Trust me, I have my feet (and my head) firmly planted in reality, so to speak. But that doesn’t mean I have to become bitter or jaded by it. Instead, I consciously choose to embrace my optimistic nature by sharing positive posts and sentiments with my social media tribe.

Social media gives us all the opportunity to be heard

I recognize how social media has become an outlet for people to share their innermost feelings, thoughts, and sentiments. For many people, being heard, especially with all the events that are currently going on in the world, is essential. Social media provides each of us with a powerful platform to use our own voices, express our personal vibes, and attract our own social media tribes. Whether you use your voice for positive or negative is up to you.

I admit to being intrigued by the negative messages on social but also still desperately feel the need to hold on to glimmers of hope. I want to believe that everything’s going to be alright, or at least a little better.

Social media has a good side, too

Without a doubt, the content we view and share through social media influences our behaviors and thoughts. This is the primary reason why I personally choose to seek out positive content—the content that demonstrates how social media can be used to bring out the better side of human nature. And I see how positive begets positive. I’ve adopted a positive vibe and truly hope that expressing myself in this manner helps inspire others to do the same.

I have learned a lot about current events—and how people react to them—through my Twitter and Facebook feeds over the past few months. Whether observing posts of an event happening on the other side of the world or activity within my own private circle of friends and family, I see how social media is used to appeal to our positive nature as well as fill the need for comfort and unity. Many of us want to get involved and help those in need, and social media provides us with many ways to do so.

Over to you…

I personally love the good side of human nature, don’t you? What has social media taught you about human nature and your tribe? Please feel free to leave a comment below—I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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