A successful social media marketing campaign can go a long way. With the ability to go viral instantly, it can not only help to bring in sales, it provides a simple and inexpensive way to do so. What differentiates a good campaign from a great one, though, is structuring it around solid central hub such as a mobile app.

Think of any trending hashtag(s) or topic that have come through the social media world. One popular one here in San Francisco, and for good reason, was the story of Miles Scott, a.k.a. Batkid. #Batkid was a then 5-year-old cancer survivor who took over social media by storm, garnering tens of thousands tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts alike. The Make-A-Wish Foundation equipped themselves with all the necessary outlets to run a successful campaign. We are equipped with same social media and marketing tools, you just need to find a captivating story to tell.

Social media can and should be used to improve sales. Here’s how:

Captain Your Business

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., be sure to make the most of your mobile marketing. Not only are these marketing tools free, they’ll also help boost visibility for a business. Facebook is great for posting something a bit more personal, but still feel-good endeavors such as what’s going on around town.

Use Twitter for more of a real-time interaction with customers. The tools ease of use allows not only for a quick hitting messages, it can also include an image to engage even further. Developing topics that will drive constant interactions between your business and your customers is what Twitter does best.

If you’re looking to go in the more professional route, look no further than utilizing LinkedIn. These topics and campaigns should be tailored to reach out to other professionals that already understand business topics. Take advantage of the ability to create an online resume for you business that can be accessed by other businesses and clients alike.

But don’t stop there, take it one step further by bringing all platforms together in a central location. Utilize the mobile world we live in today and allow access to these social outlets through your mobile app. A mobile app can be the one stop shop for all things social media for any business. With links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and beyond, give your customers all the tools necessary to increase interaction with your company.

Grab Hold of Your Social Marketing Wheel

Let’s go back to Marketing 101 with the concept of the marketing wheel. Though this may seem a bit overused, there’s a reason everyone has used it. It’s a simple and great visual idea for social media marketing. You’re not reinventing the wheel, you’re just using social media to make it better.

Having a strong hub, such as a mobile app, is crucial for creating a structure in any business. This is where everything comes together; it’s your foundation. A strong mobile presence has the ability to provide informative content that will draw people in. Utilize videos, client testimonials, and social media outlets to not only grab their attention but keep them coming back for more.

The best of the hubs support the outlets that link out to an array of social media platforms while simultaneously bringing in business. This idea allows for your business to connect with consumers on the various social media platforms — you’re meeting them in the middle.

Earned Media Gets a Facelift

Social media is not old-fashioned, but some of the best marketing is. Earned media, where others do the work for you, remains one of the strongest marketing styles. Provide your customers with a way to share information about your company through posts, reviews, shares, and more.

Social media and apps alike allow for clients to interact immediately with not only the business, but other clients, too. This is free, effective marketing for your business with the lift, and tap, of a finger. Push for customer engagement and constant interaction that gives people a reason to make comments.

Create a Strong Core

The goal of a marketing wheel should be to build from inside-out. Develop a core by creating trust, expanding reach, generating leads, and gaining a follow. To achieve this feat, you must ensure top quality as you build out, and be sure to keep an eye on mobile social media and customer trends. They are, after all, the one’s fueling the vehicle you’re captaining.

When it all comes together, that is paid, owned, and earned media, can all work fluidly to give your message a voice in social media. Be sure to keep the content fresh and interesting, add new ideas for client interactions, and push engagement across all platforms evenly.

Once you’ve achieved that, maybe then we can talk about saving Gotham but for now, let’s leave that to the Batkid’s of the world.

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