There is one marketing method that will grow your personal brand like nothing else, and that is through word of mouth on social media. In order to effectively harness this it is important to approach your audience and influencers the right way.

How can your brand best encourage recommendations from others online? Through the human connections and appealing to the desires and needs of your community with helpful content and images that will create a strong image of your brand. Social media allows us to connect with our target market in a meaningful way.

To be successful in today’s online world a personal brand should become more real and intimate with its audience and customers. This will in turn create more of an awareness and can even help increase sales and leads as people share their experiences.

What Attracts Word of Mouth Marketing?

Creating a marketing campaign is just the beginning to connecting with your potential customers in order to generate a buzz for your brand. Here are some benefits of using social media to create more visibility:

  • Increased opportunities – You’ll have more open doors to connect with people beyond your website with a focused strategy on the right networks for your niche. In order to build more brand visibility or to enter into a competitive market you will need your own original spin from what the competition is doing.
  • Create a trusted brand – Not only does social media allow you to connect with your current customers on a more personal level, it costs a lot less in lead generation. Your brand followers can become your biggest advocates, and engage in marketing your company for you.
  • Spy on the competition – Emulate what your competitors are doing and learn what needs are not being fulfilled for your target market by them. You can, in turn, create something that is popular for your audience in a new and creative way that appeals to them.
  • Manage your brand online – People are talking about your business on their social networks — popular measurement websites even provide a score based on your communication and activity. It’s good practice to utilize various social media monitoring tools and find out what your market is after.

As word of mouth marketing continues to remain popular it is important to stay in touch with your audience in a relevant and trusted way. Pay attention to what content or images generate the most interest while remaining focused on the needs of the audience. It’s fresh, original content that is going to make a lasting impression for your brand.

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