How to Set up Hashtracking Hashtag Tracking for Twitter and Instagram

Ready to start tracking Hashtags? Here’s a how to set up tracking on both Twitter and Instagram.

Adding A NEW Hashtag To Your Dashboard:

1. Open your My Hashtags Page.

2. Click on the Add Hashtag Button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

My Account - Adding a new hashtag for tracking analytics screen shot

This will open up a dialogue for you to fill in the details including:

  • Choose whether you would like to track a hashtag or a cashtag (for customers that subscribe to cashtag tracking).
  • Indicate the new hashtag you wish to follow.
  • Indicate the name you would like to display as a title on any reports you generate. (Tip: choose something that describes what the hashtag is about – you will still see the actual hashtag as a subtitle at the top of your report.)
  • Select whether you wish to follow onTwitter, Instagram or both. Click to “light up” and choose one or both. (Note: each platform counts as one hashtag tracking “slot.”)
  • Choose whether to add hashtag history (Twitter only).
  • Optional: Customize the look of the hashtag report by uploading an avatar.
  • Optional: Search for recent hashtag history via the Hashtracking explorer, prior to adding the hashtag.

Create your hashtag tracking - screen show of available options

Click submit to start active tracking!

Activating Tracking On A Second Network:

If you are already following a hashtag on a single platform (ie: You are following on Twitter and would like to follow on Instagram as well) you will choose the second platform from the Networks menu in the Hashtag Box on the My Hashtags Page. See below example of this dialog. In this case Instagram is already tracking, and to track Twitter as well, simply click the toggle next to “Twitter Collection” to turn it on, and hit “update.”

Adding a second platform to a hashtag you

Reactivating Inactive Hashtags:

There is no need to re-add a hashtag that has been previously entered and paused/deactivated.

You can re-activate a paused hashtag at any time via the same Networks pull down menu, seen above.

Your inactive hashtags can be found at the bottom of your My Hashtags Page. Click on Networks to access the controls to toggle them back to on/active . After you have done so, these hashtag boxes will reappear towardsthe top of the My Hashtags page, in the Active Hashtags section.