Do you like to share content on your Facebook Page or to your Facebook Group with a bookmarket but would like there to be a way to share it as your Page or Group? You might have noticed that many browser bookmarkets when used will share content to Facebook identifying your personal profile.

Here is a free application you can add to your browser which allows you to share content not as your personal profile but as the identity of your Page or Group (watch the video tutorial on Facebook or below).

I personally recommend adding content manually to help you boost your Edgerank in Facebook and increase the opportunity for you to boost your visibility in the newsfeed of your fans. It also means you can customise the title and description of your content.

However I know some people like to use tools to share content quickly. If that is the case for you then I hope you find the video of assistance.

Here is the article I shared using the tool.

What is your favourite way of sharing content on your Facebook Page? Using a bookmarklet like this one, using an application such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite or manually posting the content?

Whichever is your favourite method, remember these three important tips:

1. Post relevant content to your Facebook Page that will be of interest to your community on Facebook

2.Geo-target the content if it is not relevant to fans in another country

3. Do not post too frequently or you may find that your fans unsubscribe to your Page or hide you from their newsfeed.

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