Despite the fact that we over here at Kick Start Sales Force are a B2B inside sales firm that specializes in telemarketing, we’ve still hopped onto the social media phenomenon in order to get in touch with players in our market. And through our experience, we’ve learned that generating leads through social media is not the same when you do it through use of the phone. Basically, social media presents a whole new experience and has its own challenges which every company needs to face if they do decide to go social.

As a company that chooses to go social, you need to be you. You also need to conduct yourself accordingly if you want to be able to do lead generation through social media. However, did you know that social media can also ruin your company’s reputation? We found this post over at Entrepreneur which talks about a few ways in which using social media can ruin you reputation. Read the full post here.

After reading the post from Entrepreneur, it really opened my eyes. I realized that in order to do effective lead generation through social media, you first have to fix your company’s reputation and how you handle yourself when dealing with interactions online. As such, we’ve come up with these tips to help you tackle social media so that you can prep up the market for grabbing some leads!

Post interesting, not boring.

Why do companies that launch social media campaigns fail at what they do? Well, one reason may be because they are not connecting with the right audience for their brand. Another reason may be because their posts are deathly boring. When you post on social media, make sure that your posts are interesting. Your behavior on social networks defines how your audience views your company, after all. If you’re boring on social media, chances are they’ll see you as boring in all aspects. You don’t want that.

How can you be interesting? For starters, you can find a topic and light it up with your own interpretation; give it your own flare. Also, posts that go against social norms grab people’s attention. Be interesting in your own way and show your audience that you ain’t some boring suit-wearing business person!

Do not neglect responding to comments and questions.

Comments and questions will never vanish from social media. You make a post and within the next 5 minutes, if your post really caught on, you will probably have a string of comments and questions waiting for a response from you. Now, if lead generation is your aim, then you are going to have to make sure that you respond to each and everyone that needs a reply from you.

People ask questions because they are naturally curious. Fortunately, most of the people who are curious on social media are potential customers/buyers of your products and services. And nowadays, people tend to do a lot of research online about the products and services which they are interested in. Of course, lead generation is about finding prospects that are interested in your brand. As such, do not neglect to respond to comments and questions that appear to need a reply from you.

In truth, lead generation on social media isn’t difficult. It just requires time and devotion. You need to really connect with your audience so that you can establish yourself as a company with a good social presence. Interesting posts will certainly stir up the interest of your connections and interacting with them through the comments and questions they give will help you understand what they want from you as well. If you’re a B2B company and you play your cards right, you can really grab a lot of good business to business leads from running a social media marketing campaign.

What are your ideas for lead generation through social media?