Are you looking to use Pinterest to grow your business?

It’s safe to say that social media has taken the world by storm. With over 3 billion users worldwide, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Pinterest is one of these many popular platforms, which offers businesses a unique way to market their brand through visual content.

Users of this platform come for inspiration and to discover new products. But what some people may not know is that Pinterest is also a visual search engine, which makes it a powerful platform to drive more referral traffic to your website and boost conversions and sales.

So, if you’re not using Pinterest for business already, now is the time to start!

What’s Pinterest?

Pinterest is the 14th largest social media network in the world. As of 2021, it has about 459 million active users each month. That’s a lot of potential customers to tap into.

Pinterest is s a social network that allows users to visually share and discover new interests by posting or pinning images and videos. Users can create boards, post on other users’ boards, and save visual content.

Even though users can comment and interact with each other on Pinterest, it’s first and foremost a search engine, which is excellent news if you’re looking to grow your blog traffic.

How to Grow Your Business With Pinterest

Did you know that 80% of consistent Pinners have discovered a new product or brand on Pinterest? So, why not make your brand the next discovery?

That’s precisely what I’ll help you with by giving you 5 actionable tips on how you can grow your business and brand with Pinterest:

1. Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

Even though this may seem obvious, you need to sign up for a Pinterest business account if you want to use it to grow your company. A personal account won’t be sufficient enough.

Luckily, it’s 100% free to use and easy to use when following the setup guide. Remember to claim your website after creating your account since that’s where you want to direct traffic.

Since Pinterest is a search engine, you need to consider your keywords when creating your profile. Add your target Pinterest keywords in the “display name” and your “about your profile” section. This can help boost your SEO, which I’ll come back to later.

2. Develop a Marketing Strategy

Before jumping right in, start by developing a social media strategy for Pinterest, like you would for any social network you’re actively promoting your business on.

Think about the goal with your Pinterest marketing: Are you looking to drive more traffic to your website, increase sign-ups to your email list, or get more product sales? Try to be as specific as possible with what you want to achieve to stay on course.

It’s also vital that you research your target audience on Pinterest and plan your content accordingly. Your Pinterest audience won’t be the same as Facebook or Instagram, so you need to first understand who you are targeting.

Once you know your target audience and have set a clear strategy, you can begin working toward your goals.

3. Pin Engaging Content

Since Pinterest is a visual platform, it’s crucial that you create and pin high-quality and captivating images that make users want to click through to your website.

For example, adding text overlays to your images will make them even more enticing. It’ll also help Pinterest to understand what your content is about. And if it makes sense, you can incorporate your business logo in your Pins to boost brand recognition.

In addition, make sure you’re using vertical images with a 2:3 ratio to avoid strangely cropped images. Vertical images also work best on mobile.

Remember to write a good image description, including your target keyword, and link to your site to boost SEO.

You can find free high-quality photos on Unsplash or Pexels and use Canva to create beautiful graphics.

4. Optimize Your Pins for SEO

Pinterest’s goal is to show you the most relevant search results on their platform. And keywords are the only way Pinterest can figure out when and where to display your Pins.

Because Pinterest is first and foremost a search engine, your Pins will also show up in search results on Google and other popular search engines. That means that your Pins need to be optimized for search.

So, the best way to optimize your Pins for search results is to include keywords in your image or video descriptions and add them as hashtags.

5. Promote Your Pinterest Business Profile

To maximize your growth on Pinterest, you need to let people know about your profile.

And there are many ways you can market your Pinterest profile, including:

  • Adding Pinterest follow and share buttons on your company website
  • Cross-promoting your Pinterest account on your other social media networks
  • Including your profile link in the email signature
  • Sharing your Pinterest content in your email newsletter

Lastly, don’t forget to publish new Pins regularly to keep your Pinterest followers engaged and drive consistent traffic to your website. And if you lack inspiration and time, a good solution is to create new Pins for your old posts.


Pinterest is a powerful platform to get customers to discover your brand and grow your business. There are many ways you can grow your business with Pinterest. But if you focus on building meaningful, captivating pins and optimizing your profile, descriptions, and hashtags with keywords, it’ll take you a long way. And with a little bit of patience, you’ll see long-term results that ramp up.