It’s incredible that one piece of content could change your life, and business just by going viral. The questions are, does this happen by chance? Is there a science to going viral?

It’s a little bit of both.

Sometimes a little luck is involved. BUT content created the right way, and posted at the right time increases the probability of it going viral.

I am going to go over my 7 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral on Social Media.

1. Focus on the first 3 seconds.

Put in yourself in the audience’s perspective. You are scrolling through your feed, and the only thing that will stop you is something instantly intriguing. Focus on making a video cut to something provoking within 3 seconds. Also, specific platforms such as Youtube, and Instagram allow you to chose a cover or thumbnail for a video. Make sure it’s a clip that pops!

2. The headline is everything.

The first sentence of your copy should be sensational. Think of yourself as a writer for a news corporation. How will you get readers to stop and consume the content? Have it sizzle! A great tool to see gauge your headline is Headline Analyzer.

3. Have the audience understand what actions to take.

There are three ways you’re going to get engagement from the audience. Likes, comments, and shares. Ultimately you want a content that gets all these responses; this is where you ask the audience to participate after your headline. Ask them to comment an answer to a question, tag someone, if they agree/disagree, or share to spread positivity/motivation/inspiration.

4. Add hashtags to extend your reach.

Hashtags are the most obvious one, but it’s still relevant. By adding hashtags, you’ll increase any posts reach. You can make content that’s specific, or more general. Either way, alter the hashtags to suit it.

5. Tag influencers/media accounts.

By getting engagement from people that have a massive audience, you can extend the reach of your content. Tag influencers, and media outlets that are relevant to the post. If they like, comment, and or share boom your content is soaring!

6. Be emotional.

Content must evoke strong feelings for people to respond to it. Eliciting anger, and shock can be controversial. Many celebrities have used this approach. It can be funny. People can’t help but share laughter. Finally, it can be positive. By touching peoples hearts, and inspiring them, they are likely to share.

An emotion that does not work is sad. Think about the last time you felt sad. You probably didn’t want to speak to anyone at the time. It’s the same concept only online.

7. Test, test, and test.

Testing is where the most effort comes into play. You have to be willing to create content, and continually alter it to see what gets the highest engagement. When I post, if it doesn’t get traction within 30 minutes I’ll be sure to delete and alter it. Over, over, and over. With different angles, wording, and cuts content can get a very drastic spike in engagement. Also, different post times can as well. Don’t settle for the first attempt.

By integrating these principles when creating, and posting content, everything might change!

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