Positive thoughts breed a positive life. We have all heard this phrase throughout our lives, and for the most part, it’s accurate. Business owners are continually searching for new ways to show off their brand and build a positive experience for their customers. One of the most common ways to engage customers and keep them feeling positive is through social media.

We are going to look at some things you can do when you first start a website that will help you build a social media profile that practically oozes positivity. The following tips include how to create positive posts, engaging with your audience, and handling customer grievances.

Use Positive Language

Positive language is the cornerstone of building a trustworthy brand and building an emotional connection with your audience. Most people see themselves as upbeat and like to buy from brands that present a similar image.

After you’ve established your brand voice, you have to put it to work by projecting your image through the way you update your social media. Try to use words and phrases that encourage your customer base. Instead of coming across as “corporate,” you can instead create an atmosphere that draws in followers and keeps them engaged.

Here’s an example of how to turn a negative statement into something positive.

Share Encouraging Content

Most successful businesses have a blog on their website. When you’re scheduling your social media posts with the content for your blog, you should think carefully about the type of content you’re showing to your audience.

Look for articles in your catalog that use powerful and positive words and phrases and schedule updates with the link to your blog post. How many times have you logged on to your social accounts only to see an “feel good” story with millions of views? People enjoy reading stories that make them feel good, so by creating and sharing inspiring content, you’re helping to build up your reputation and brand as one that supports positivity.

Buzzfeed, one of the most people “feel good” sites online, has perfected the art of creating content that inspires others. Their website gets a ton of traffic — almost 10 million views for this one article –, and this article has over a million shares on social media.

Engage with Your Audience

Engaging with your audience will help you craft and mold the atmosphere to create a positive environment for your followers. When we say engagement, we mean talking to subscribers in the comments and sharing high-quality pieces of content from other creators.

These two tactics each help you engage with your audience in a different way. The first method, commenting on customer feedback, helps you build rapport with your audience and sets the tone for your brand voice. When new leads come to your social media page and see that you interact with others by answering questions, thanking people for compliments, and general commentary they are more likely to subscribe because they see an active community where the business responds to messages.

If you want to engage your audience — and potential business partners — at the same time, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for content from other creators in your industry. If you find content from someone else that is genuinely good and could benefit your audience, consider sharing it to your profile. You’ll build a reputation with other creators as someone who is observant and shares quality content when you see it, and you’ll also build feelings of positivity with your audience.

Handle Customer Issues Quickly

The final way to cultivate positivity on your page involves you taking care of the negative comments as quickly as possible. As a general rule, if someone needs to get a refund or has trouble with their product, you’re going to want to get them away from your social media page to keep the negativity contained. Consider emailing them, using social media direct messaging, or have them contact your customer support team to resolve the issue.

If you notice that someone is posting nasty, hateful comments on your posts, you have the option to block them from seeing your business page. Similarly, if you’re engaging with your audience in the comments, do not give these people any attention. Once they hear back from you, they will usually persist until you’re forced to block them. This whole process causes negativity and can hurt your reputation.


Building a positive social media profile takes time and effort, but it’s an investment worth pursuing for a better overall customer experience. You’ll find that there is a snowball effect with positive people. When you are inspirational and good-natured online, people who think and feel the same way will flock to your profile, check out your website, and potentially make a purchase.

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