As a society, traditions are extremely important to us. We rely on traditions to keep us grounded and to remember what’s important in our lives.

A tradition can range between getting together with the family for Thanksgiving every year or something like having to kiss your significant just before you both fall asleep.

Traditions should be taken into account when you think about your social media strategy.

When you begin a tradition with your audience, they begin relying on you for specific information or fun activities each day.

It sounds like a lot of work and pressure to have to do the exact same concept day in, day out, but it’s actually really important in order to solidify that connection between your audience.

It’ll take a while to solidify that bond of tradition, but if you do it consistently, you’ll succeed in keeping them around as loyal fans.

Here are a few ideas as far as what kind of traditions you should implement:

Tip of the day: If you’re in the business of educating your peeps, then create a tip of the day and try to post it around the same time each day so your audience can know when to expect it and be waiting for it. It should definitely be relevant to your audience.

Picture of the day: Picture of the day could range from an infograph to a straight up funny photo that you found and wanted to share. It should be relevant to your audience so don’t go completely off the handle and post a picture of a gun when you talk about nature.

Song of the day: If your business deals a lot with music or something along those lines (maybe the arts) you could put up your song of the day.

Video of the day: Maybe your business deals with video creation or some other type of media in which posting a video of the day would be worth-while to your audience. This could be posted in the morning so that you

Featured Fans/Featured Links: Do you want to shout out to your favorite peeps or links? Do it! You’ll get a lot of props from your audience and you’ll also get people craving to be the featured fan/link of the day.

And here are a few more random ideas to think about:

Quote of the day

Meal of the day

Beverage of the day

Item of the day

Plant of the day

Company of the day

Podcast of the day

Etc. You get the idea. :)

A word of caution: try not to create too many traditions. A couple are great and can engage an audience, but if you overload with them with a whole bunch of random tidbits; it’ll quickly turn them off.

No matter what genre you’re in, I guarantee you’ll be able to create a tradition with your audience and help engage with them at an even higher level.

What traditions are you doing with your audience?