With the rise of popular networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, communities, etc., the load of creating more content is increasing day by day. Marketers and web owners are more concern about creating content than focusing on marketing strategies.

And why not?

Content has always been and is a King.

Each social media network, the world of Search Engines, online community discussions, etc., all are filled with content.

The bigger issue, these days, is content is not only about writing a lengthy article. It’s about creating videos, audios, podcasts, images, and much more. Visual content is not optional anymore. Visual era is taking a toll on content marketing. That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t focus on blogs as they still hold high rankings on Google.

You just need it all.

So much content work and so little time.

What if I tell you there’s a way to wrap long hours of content in 1 or 2 hours a day?

What if there’s a way to make ends meet for content creation?

What if you don’t have to compromise any social media network for creating content?

Today, you are going to learn how to create content for all networks without wasting hours.

How to Create Content for all Social Media Networks in short time?

Here we assume that you write blogs for your website. Now you want to create content for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Content Distribution

Those who complain about mounting pressure of creating content for all social networks, often make one mistake: they create separate content for each network.

Building content separately for each network requires high creativity to think from scratch which eats up ample of time. That’s the reason why you always run out of time while creating content.

To solve this, you have to learn about content distribution. It means to create a high-quality blog and turn it into different formats. One of Gary Vee’s Popular Tactic.

“It starts with a piece of “pillar content.” With my personal brand, it takes the form of a daily vlog, keynote, Q&A show, or another video that I do.”

Gary Vee

Let’s take an example of Gary Vee’s blog and see how he turned it into different formats for different social media networks:

It’s a small portion of Gary Vee’s blog on “Giving without Expectation”.

Now if you just share the same blog, as it is, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you may not get expected results as the blog gets, on the website, in the written format because social media networks are all about visual content.

Instead of sharing the link of the blog, here’s what Gary Vee did on different social media networks.

He shared a little piece of advice from the blog on YouTube:

Image Source

He shared the same video content on Facebook:

Image Source

For Twitter and Instagram, he shared the same advice as a quote in image format:

All covered?

Turning blog into visuals for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter is a piece of cake.

Tip: Think your blog like a story which you have to turn into a movie and promote it on social networks.


  • Canva offers you a free customized image for each social media network. Use it to share your quotes with the alluring background.
  • For videos, you can directly shoot it from your smartphone using tips and stories from your own blogs. Or you can create online videos with the help of best video makers like Corel VideoStudio


Let’s say one week you create a high-quality blog. Spend next week, each hour per day, to create videos, images, quotes, and audio format of the same blog. And keep promoting them on various social media networks.

Create Content On the Go

One of the best ways to decrease the pressure of creating content for social media is to create it on the go.


Capture the moments.

Every now and then, you have an exclusive moment in your life – a moment of motivation, emotion, advice, etc.

Why not share it with the world?

Now don’t say that you lack time. In fact, you are doing it all the time. Putting that status on Whatsapp, sharing your traveling stories on Instagram, etc., are all great examples of creating content on the go. It’s effortless as well as fruitful at the same time. If you can share your personal life stories, you can do the same in your professional life for the sake of your brand.

I am a great fan of Nir Eyal, author of Hooked: How to Build Habit forming products. On Twitter, he often shares his thoughts, quotes, and incredible experiences of his life. One such experience he shared on Twitter was his visit to Sydney Australia.

Image Source

Tip: With a smartphone in your pocket, it takes a minute or two to capture your favorite moments and post it on social media. Or you can send the same to your marketing person who will share it on your behalf with additional details.

Curate and Share Content

Content curation is the process of gathering content from other sources relevant to your brand or areas of interest.

Users want content. That doesn’t mean it should come from your brand only. You can share the content of others as far as it is not your competitor. Sharing evergreen content from other sites will make your brand look more genuine and caring who never thinks of itself only.

If you follow high personalities on Twitter, you will notice that they often share the content of others like their fans, friends, any motivating article, informative blog, or anything that catches their interest.

It’s worth sharing.

Tim Ferris, author of Four Hour Work Week, never fails to share third-party content especially if they possess some value for users. Once he shared the tweet of a movie he found most compelling and pinned it on his Twitter Account.

Image Source

Tip: Subscribe to some blogs relevant to your brand, marketing tactics, motivation, employees welfare, or whatever interests you most. Follow the same on social media. You will receive notifications whenever they post the content. You just have to share it. Added comments from your side work as an icing on the cake.

Invite Your Employees to Join the Journey

As you have noticed, anyone can follow the earlier tips. Even your employees. Those tips are part of every person’s life. What’s wrong with inviting employees to share what they like and what they capture on social media. Combine your employees’ interest with your brand on social media and you will never run out of content.

Request employees to share whatever they like on your brand’s page except for competitors’ content. Reward them for doing so. Put one employee in charge who can take care of such content as chances of mistakes are always there.

Content Planner

I don’t want you to read and forget. That’s why I am advising you to put a weekly content planner on work so you and your employees never forget about following these easy peasy content creation steps.

  1. Schedule social media hours for content curation and sharing activities.
  2. Put employees in charge of creating different formats of a blog
  3. Hire a content manager (not content creator) who can manage content coming from all the sides.

To Conclude

Here we come to an end. I covered everything I knew about content creation and sharing. If something amiss or you know more tips about content creation on social media, don’t forget to add it in the comment box. I would love to learn from you.